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  5. "Mtakapomaliza kazi mtasafiri"

"Mtakapomaliza kazi mtasafiri"

Translation:When you finish work you will travel

June 3, 2018



Are the English options missing a future tense "will"? Otherwise, it could simply be written "Mnapomaliza."


In English, clauses introduced by "when" or "if" generally aren't used with "will" even when they clearly refer to the future. "When you will finish work" is pretty unnatural for most dialects of English.

In Swahili, you can indicate whether a "when" verb is distinctly for a future meaning with -takapo- or when it is present (and thus probably habitual) with -napo-

Nitakapomaliza kazi, nitasafiri. = When I finish work, I will travel.
Ninapomaliza kazi, ninazima taa ofisini. = When I finish work, I turn the lights off in the office.

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