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  5. "juHlIj 'oH juHwIj'e'."

"juHlIj 'oH juHwIj'e'."

Translation:My home is your home.

June 3, 2018


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Would a Klingon ever actually say this, though?


qatlh jatlhbe'?
Why not?

Whether such a phrase would be considered a stock phrase can be debated, but I don't see any problem with the idea of one Klingon offering hospitality to another.


Hospitality is fine, but this phraseologism is very English, and phraseologisms are not to be translated literally. But I suppose, a Klingon can say this phrase if the Klingon language happens to have the same phraseologism as in English, with the same meaning.

Or if the Klingon is gifting his house to someone else, or if they share the same house, e.g. as family.

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