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"That woman is pretty but young."

Translation:Ta žena je hezká, ale mladá.

June 3, 2018



Wait so its TA for fem., TO for masc. and TEN for neuter? Am i getting this right?

  • All three links from tatka_ post above are currently identical duolingo pages.

  • I scan the page and picked out the part it talks about "ta,to and ten" and posted it below, Cheers.

" Demonstratives Czech doesn't have articles. Mladá dívka could be young girl, a young girl, or the young girl, depending on context. Czech has a variety of ways of making clear which is meant when the distinction is important, including the word order, as we will see in later skills. For now, we will only examine the demonstrative adjectives that are sometimes (not always!) used in place of the English definite article.

The Czech demonstrative adjective that partly overlaps with the definite article "the" and the demonstrative pronoun "that" has the following singular nominative forms:

  • ten in masculine, e.g., ten muž (the man, that man)
  • ta in feminine, e.g., ta dívka (the girl, that girl)
  • to in neuter, e.g., to dítě (the child, that child)

Demonstrative adjectives and regular adjectives can usually be combined, and usually in that order: ta mladá dívka (the young girl, that young girl). "


Why "je" instead of "já" for the feminine?


"je" here means "is", "já" means "I"


It told me off for not using a comma... just a little harsh.


Commas are ignored by Duolingo. It must have been something else.


Actually, your report contains "malá" instead of "mladá" ... so much for the harshness.


Can 'je' be ommited in this sentence? 'Ta žena hezká,ale mladá.'


No, Czech is not Russian, the copula is required.

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