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Question about when to use Indicative Present tense vs Continuous progressive tense?

Can someone please explain as I don’t understand why it is correct!

Sentence comes from a Duolingo course, “La niña come una ensalda”, and the answer to the question is "The girl is eating a salad". This is where I am getting confused.

Should the sentence really be, “La niña está comiendo una ensalada”, said in the continous progressive?

Gracias por ayudarme.

¡Buena suerte, con sus estudios!

June 3, 2018



I believe that although Spanish does have "La niña está comiendo una ensalada" it is more common to use the indicative to mean she eats a salad (habitually) or that she is currently eating a salad right now. Thus, the indicative Spanish can be translated into either the indicative English or the continuous progressive English.


English is more strict about this. In Spanish, simple present can be used in many ways, including continuous present, future (Llego en dos días/ Voy el otro año) and even past (Newton nace en Inglaterra el año...).

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