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  5. "In the United States."

"In the United States."

Translation:En Estados Unidos.

June 3, 2018



The English says "the United States" so surely the Spanish is "los Estados Unidos". The word "los" wasn't offered as part of the solution & should be.


Based on the number of hits in an internet search, both "en Estados Unidos" and "en los Estados Unidos" get millions of hits and are therefore most likely correct.


But if we don't include "los" any other time translating The U.S. it is marked wrong.


Thanks for the info, but does anyone know why BOTH "en estados unidos" and "en los estados unidos" are considered correct?

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Assuming it's true that both are correct, it's for the same reason anything is considered correct in any language. Native speakers think it sounds just fine, and will say it that way when speaking.


In Spanish you don't use the artucle for mos countries. Just a few of them can use it and it is not a must. Los Estafos Unidos. El Perú. La Argentina.


Im having the same issue!


DL is inconsistent with this. When I have word tiles to choose from, "los" isn't always available, but if I leave it out on pure translation exercises, DL marks me wrong.


That's not fair. If you come across this exercise again, why don't you mark it as "my answer should be accepted" (I will do that if it turns upon me as pure translation - if I remember :-( )


Maybe what they're trying to convey is that while los can be used, it isn't necessary?


That's the message I'm getting, too.


Everyone. duo is in the wrong to teach you to not put the los in los estados unidos. perhaps keep it out doing these lessons but in the real wrong dont speak like this unless you dont care that you're speaking wrong. well perhaps this is the common way of saying this in other countries but if you're in america and im not talking about north america then include the los since the common spanish you will hear are from dominicans, puerto ricans, and mexicans. just better off saying los is all im saying.


Agreed. Why not "los"?


I used En los Estados Unidos, and it was accepted.


If asked to write "in the United States" in English, what is incorrect with "en el Estados Unidos" ?


el is singular......"United States" is plural. So hence you would use the plural masculine form of El....which is Los....hence meaning you would write "Los Estates Unidos" not "El Estados Unidos"


From RAE:

Estados Unidos. 1. Nombre abreviado que se usa corrientemente para referirse al país de América del Norte cuyo nombre oficial es Estados Unidos de América. Puede usarse con artículo o sin él. Si se usa precedido de artículo, el verbo va en plural: «Los Estados Unidos han pedido a Francia que aplace su decisión» (Vanguardia [Esp.] 2.9.95). Si se emplea sin artículo, el verbo va en singular: «Estados Unidos está preparado para abrir negociaciones» (Proceso [Méx.] 2.2.97).


Duo asked, "In the United States", and the answer is "en estados unidos" Where's "the"? It's really confusing

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Different language, different grammar, different way of saying things.


I just typed En el E U and it says the correct answer as just En E U ...No use of los ???


Why is El estados unidos not accepted


Why wouldn't “En el Ustados Unidos" be considered correct?


Why is it "en" and not "dentro de los estados unidos"? Is dentro to strong of a word? The sentence is obviously speaking of inside the us. I feel like en is to weak. More useful for saying where a simple object is like a box or a trinket. Not a country.

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Because "estado" is masculine.


Is there a difference between Norde American and Los Estado Unidos?


North America is a continent. Los Estados Unidos (the United States) is a country in North America.


México is officially

"Los Estados Unidos de México"

An American is anyone from the "western Hemisphere" aka "The Americas" (north central or south)

colloquially however "American" refers to someone from "The USA"

it's a different topic but technically just like the European Union one is from a "State" a member of the USA like From "New York" or "France"


why it is not En el estados unidos. why are we skipping the "the"


Because estados unidos is plural. El is singular

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