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"Yo tengo un examen."

Translation:I have an exam.

2 months ago


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Although I love all the new Spanish units added into Duolingo this week, I am miffed that my students cannot get to the lessons I had planned without passing several checkpoints. Since the previous lessons were set at a lower level, I hope that Duolingo will move them back to the level (i.e. prior to the first checkpoint, or the second checkpoint, etc., depending on the lesson) that they were at before. I see that the TinyCards lessons still correspond to the old Duolingo lessons, which is helpful. But I have already planned my entire semester based on the prior lessons being accessible at a lower level. Please reconsider this, Duolingo gurus!

2 months ago


I wrote I WANT AN EXAM, am i psycopathic?

6 days ago


I have no idea why I thought "examen" was "example." The two words do sound similar, though.

3 weeks ago