"Un reloj."

Translation:A watch.

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I wonder how they differentiate between watch and clock? Do they say they need a "reloj" for their home or for their wall? Do they have to add a phrase explaining where they're going to put it?

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Hello, I'm a native Spanish speaker.

We use the only word 'reloj' and we say a little more about where we want to use/put.

If I want a watch I would say 'Quiero un reloj de pulsera'. If a want a clock for my home/wall I would say 'Quiero un reloj de muro'.


4 months ago


I asked that question to a friend last week. So I will share what I have learned with you.

Reloj - Clock (Watch) depending on how used.

Example: Grand Father Clock - Reloj de Abuelo, Wrist Watch - Reloj de Pulsera, Wall Clock - Reloj de Pared

¬°Buena suerte, con sus estudios!

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It's a good question. I think it depends entirely on context. Perhaps a native Spanish speaker can clarify.

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For me to remember watch I think of the watch brand Rolex which sounds a lot alike

2 months ago


It sounds like it's saying "Un k'loaf", is this how you really pronounce it? I'm not trying to make fun of anything, I was just wondering

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Good Job Andrew !!!

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