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  5. "Un reloj."

"Un reloj."

Translation:A watch.

June 3, 2018



For me to remember watch I think of the watch brand Rolex which sounds a lot alike


I wonder how they differentiate between watch and clock? Do they say they need a "reloj" for their home or for their wall? Do they have to add a phrase explaining where they're going to put it?


Hello, I'm a native Spanish speaker.

We use the only word 'reloj' and we say a little more about where we want to use/put.

If I want a watch I would say 'Quiero un reloj de pulsera'. If a want a clock for my home/wall I would say 'Quiero un reloj de muro'.




Give this man a meda- Lingot


This is great information! Thank you!


I asked that question to a friend last week. So I will share what I have learned with you.

Reloj - Clock (Watch) depending on how used.

Example: Grand Father Clock - Reloj de Abuelo, Wrist Watch - Reloj de Pulsera, Wall Clock - Reloj de Pared

¡Buena suerte, con sus estudios!


Thank you! This is so helpful


It's a good question. I think it depends entirely on context. Perhaps a native Spanish speaker can clarify.


See this website. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reloj

It lists these "tipos de relojes:"
Reloj Atmos
Reloj atómico,
Reloj binario,
Reloj de agua o clepsydra,
Reloj de ajedrez,
Reloj de arena,
Reloj de bolsillo,
Reloj de cuarzo,
Reloj de cucú o de cuco,
Reloj de diapason,
Reloj de fuego Reloj de misa Reloj de péndulo Reloj de sol Reloj de vapor Reloj de vela Reloj despertador Reloj digital Reloj electrónico Reloj inteligente Reloj Foliot Reloj japonés Metrónomo Taxímetro


The male instructor in this lesson needs to get the sock out of his mouth and annunciate a little. I can't understand many words he's saying.


*enunciate :P

And yes, agreed. I had to listen to this like forty times.


It sounds like it's saying "Un k'loaf", is this how you really pronounce it? I'm not trying to make fun of anything, I was just wondering


This particular pronunciation sounded like "breloj". As if there was a "b" leading the reloj.


I will admit, I checked out the comments specifically because I listened several times and heard "per-lohh" every time.

[deactivated user]

    On my phone it sounds like, "Daylohh"


    cannot understand the pronunciation


    So far this is my least favourite word. What a weird, twisted, uncomfortable mouthful. None of the syllables feel like they're in the right places.


    interesting pronounciation


    The pronunciation confuses me. Am I right in thinking it sounds like 'Ul not Un and Brloj' not Roloj?


    I understand 'Treloj'


    3 times i have this correct and its not recognising it !!!

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