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"El arroz con pollo es un plato favorito aquí."

Translation:The rice with chicken is a favorite dish here.

June 3, 2018



"The rice with chicken is a favorite plate here." should also be accepted, especially if the word "plate" is to remain in the hint cards. Yes, "dish" is the more common way to express this in English, but "plate" is not incorrect, and having both "plate" and "dish" present in the hint cards is needlessly ambiguous.


True. Plate vs Dish? They are the same in this context. So I'm not sure what point they are trying to make?

I often assume Duo is trying to teach me a lesson of sorts. Like when you see Mr or Mrs you use the usted form in the translation.

Likewise, sometimes I question whether we should be trying to make a spanish to english translations as opposed to doing it word by word. Word by word you think like the language you're learning. OTOH, that's not necessarily an english translation. In the end, with Duo it's a mixture of both to get the question right. Many of the translations aren't how native english speakers would say the phrase at all. It's all good, however. I'm here to learn!

A follow up question is what is difference between arroz con pollo and pollo con arroz? Is one rice with chicken in it and the other pollo en una cama de arroz?


Welcome to the world of duolingo and its contexual questions!

el plato - the dish:



Plate is actually acceptable. Even your source agrees ;)



But, not always...


Lol, Duo is consistent in his inconsistencies. ;)


I'm reminded of the words of the Spanish Revolution song "Si Me Quieres Escribir": "El primer plato que dan, son granadas rompedoras/ El segundo de metralla para recordar memorias." ("The 1st dish they serve you is hand grenades./ The 2nd is shrapnel so you won't forget.")


The whole point is, it's a language app. We're being asked to translate what is said. The differences between rice with chicken and chicken with rice, or 'a favourite' and 'the favourite' are only small- but the app is teaching us to pay attention to the small details, because linguistically they matter. Sure it might not make much of a difference to conversational language whilst on holiday- but if you want to be better than that, precision is necessary. I like that duo doesnt accept any old answer thats kind of close. I want to be right, not right-ish.


And I totally agree, but in this case, in this context, dish and plate carry the same meaning. You more often hear a particular meal in a restaurant referred to as a dish, but it's also sometimes referred to as a plate.

In America, anyway. There are lots of other English-speaking countries, so I can't speak as to whether they use them interchangeably as well.


You have a point, but Dúo rejected "The rice with chicken dish is a favorite here." I think mine is an acceptable translation, perhaps even more real world.


"The rice with chicken dish is a favorite here" was rejected why?


Plate and/or dish should be accepted. especially since all we have been given in the past for plato is plate. Mine said meal which is not even in the hints


Duo is teaching us that plato is best translated as dish here.


Which makes no sense. In English there is no difference between the term "dish" and "plate" in this context. You wouldn't say "I'll have the chicken" and hear the waitress say: "the chicken dish, or the chicken plate?"


In Canada we would say "The rice with chicken is a popular dish here." unless it was "your" favorite dish, then you would say "my favorite dish".


Why was "The rice with chicken dish is a favourite here" not accepted?


I believe I read in previous comments that the British spelling of "favorite" has not been added to Duo yet. You should just report it as "my answer should be accepted." As long as that was the only reason it was rejected, they will eventually add the British spelling once they get enough reports on it.

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I've only been on here for about 100 days, but I have consistently used "favourite" when the English word has been needed, so it has been fixed for at least that long.


It has to be added to each and every problem/question/translation.

I found that out about a week ago when I discovered a single repeating problem/question/translation that didn't include the contraction "don't" in place of "do not." Every acceptable American English contraction has been accepted to that point (as far as I know, since I do not always use contractions). So I was very surprised, and when I checked the comments, that is when I discovered what the process actually is to add acceptable phrases, words, etc.

So long story short, if you suddenly find that "favourite" doesn't get accepted somewhere along the line, report it and just move along. Eventually enough people will report it and it will get added.


Natural conversational English wouldn't say 'the rice' we would say, 'rice with chicken'

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The phrase "rice with chicken" does appear in answers that Duo accepts.

If your answer was marked as incorrect, the reason was elsewhere. It is always best to share your full answer in the forum so it can be completely checked.

If your whole sentence is indeed correct but not accepted, the right action is to flag it as "My answer should be accepted" on the answer page, since Duo don't read these comments.

This link should help:
How do I report a problem with a sentence or translation?


Does this sentence mean that "a favorite dish here" stands for a dish that is favorable by the multitudes of people who visit this restaurant regularly?


Si! Or you can just say a popular dish


¡Gracias por tu respuesta! Ahora yo comprendo esto.

You wrote "si" which means "if", I know you actually meant "sí". You also forgot to put down inverted exclamation mark before "sí".

No belittling intended, just for the greater good for whoever sees this comment.


I don't feel belittled. Was too lazy to switch my keyboard settings to Spanish!


Plato is dish. And plate.


Does anyone say "a favorite dish" in English? and when you say "un plato favorito", does it mean my favorite dish or like, best dish here?


Lots of people say "a favorite dish". Un means "a" and does not mean "my". I don't think we need to know exactly what the situation is with un plato favorito to be able to translate it accurately.


Sorry, I mean, as in "This is a favorite dish here." I don't think I've heard this phrase before. I just wanted to know if the given sentence meant "El arroz con pollo" is my favorite or like, best liked by the customers


It's a very common phrase in the restaurant industry in America. Less common, but still common, is to refer to it as a favorite plate. Both mean "a favorite menu item," although they are far more likely to refer to a menu item that is a full meal, not just a side item or an appetizer.


I think it means customers like that dish. There is nothing about "my" here.


Oh, I missed the previous comments but now I get it! It meant a popular dish. Thanks for your comments.


"plate= dish" en ingles???


No. Sólo los idiotas de aquí creen esto.


Yes, 'plato' can be translated as either 'plate' or 'dish', according to context.


Plate should be accepted in place of dish, as they are synonyms and therefore it would not be incorrect. Especially since plate is a direct translation of plato.


In the UK, 'dish' and 'plate' are not always sinonymous.


Plato is plate. Dish should be manjar.


Chicken w rice, rice w chicken..what's thw difference?

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In real life, everyone would understand that 'chicken with rice' and 'rice with chicken' amount to the same thing, but here in Duo, there is a finite list of accepted answers in a database, none of which contain this unnecessary switch in the order of those words.


"rice with chicken" is accepted but "chicken with rice" isnt. I think this is a mistake.


Duo has not arrived at the place where standard combinations are reversible to what would be ordinary in the other language. If you see "blanco y negro" in Spanish DO NOT write "black and white" in English. Some day we'll even get around to allowing a dish to be a meal to be a plate. I LOVE Duo!


It says, "Arroz con pollo," not "Pollo con arroz." It's super clear and there is no confusion. Obviously, in a conversation, you can use either and be understood, but in translation, you cannot just put it however you want to put it. That leads to compounding errors.

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Either order is accepted by Duo. (That may not have been true when the original comments were posted 1-2 years ago). I guess the course contributors decided that both orders have the same meaning and put them in the database.


Well I gave you an up vote, but I disagree with their decision to add it. It's just not what was written. Again, it may be totally clear in speech both ways, but it isn't an exact translation. (It is also exactly the same meaning when written, as well, which I guess kind of refutes this entire argument lol, but I stand by the importance of exact translation when it is available.)


And if it is a favourite, I reckon it should be "THE favourite" . I was dismissed because of writing "the" instead of "a" . That is not fair, or is it?


That's not altogether correct because the meaning of un plato favorito is a popular dish i.e. one of the popular dishes served there but not the most popular one!


Rice with chicken is the name of the dish. The rice (is the favourite) in the context of the answer. Dropping the definite article is the only correct answer.


why don't just say the chicken rice is a favorite dish here


the dictionary does not include "meal" in their definition of plato


I wrote: The rice with chicken is a favorite plate here. I said it was wrong and gave the correct answer as: The rice with chicken is a favorite meal here. So... I am gathering from all of this that in this context plato can = plate, dish, meal and whomever is speaking is understood.


It says I have it wrong but I didnt do anything wrong


Amanda, there are people who will help you figure it out, but we can't see your answer. You have to copy and paste it, or type it again, into your post.


We would 'normally' say 'The Chicken with rice is a favourite dish here' - Note, the chicken & rice are reversed from the Spanish.


El arroz con pollo es un plato favorito aqui. En el audio dice El arroz con pollo es un plato Y favorito aquí. No deberia decir la Y. Sin embargo yo puse la Y y me dice que estaba mal xq la Y no va. Pero en el audio si la dice. Entiendo bien porq soy Argentino.


The instructions say type what you hear and so i typed my response in spanish, which is what i heard. It did not say "translate" or else i would have typed the translation... the app indicated my response was incorrect ???


Maybe you didn't type your response in correct Spanish.


Ok yeah, I get this is about context but meal is an appropriate replacement for dish.


I used "The rice and chicken dish is a favorite dish here." and I was marked incorrect!! Why?!


Well, first, "con" = "with" not "and." That would be, "El arroz y pollo."

Secondly, the given sentence definitely doesn't have two "platos" in it, or any other synonym, and your sentence does.

You interpreted the given sentence correctly, but you didn't translate it correctly. Translation needs to be precise. There is little room for interpretation.


"The chicken rice is a favorite dish here."


rice and chicken is a favorite dish around here is incorrect?.... please

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There is no Spanish word for "around" in the sentence you have been asked to translate.


En español no se dice "es un plato favorito aqui" se diria es un "es el platillo favorito aqui" tecnicamente es lo mismo pero suena raro


Duo takes the liberty to use 'plate', or 'dish' as it wishes. See the previous card on 'plate of chicken' being correct rather than 'chicken dish'. We hope for some consistency.


I'm Spanish and it's the first time I see someone using the word "favorito" following the indefinite article "un". I'd always say "EL favorito".

If some Latin Americans use it thay way, I never heard of it either but I don't know


Lucas, how would you show the difference between "a [one of several] favorite dish" and "the [no other] favorite dish"?


Rice with chicken is a favorite dishe here - not aure why its not accwpted. Duo translation is anything but english


Did you put 'dishe' instead of 'dish'?


It doesn't accept "favourite" spelling, it is a standard spelling used in british english (as opposed to american "favorite" )


I have never had British spellings corrected, so maybe you had another error.


"The rice with chicken dish is a favorite here" should also have been accepted.


John: Same general meaning, but using different grammar. The exercise has "un plato"/"a dish" as the object of the verb, while your sentence makes it the subject of the verb. Also the exercise has "rice with chicken" as the subject, while your sentence makes that phrase a modifier for the word "dish"; and the exercise uses "favorito"/"favorite" as an adjective, while your sentence uses it as a noun.
I'm just learning, too, but I think the Spanish for your sentence could be:
"El plato de arroz con pollo es un favorito aquí."

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Maybe duo knows Spanish but they sure as heck don't know English


The discussion about plate v dish reminds me of the old-fashioned diner term "blue-plate special" where a diner received his "dish" on a blue plate.


In America we refer to the main dish first then the side. I believe you need to re evaluate what is considered correct.


We're not Duolingo here, just users of the discussion forum. You need to make your comment to Duolingo.


My answer was "the rice with chicken is a favorite plate here" should have been accepted.


Curious, in english you would say chicken with rice, putting the protein first. Is it normal to put rice first like in this sentence for spanish?


Joseph, I like the answer given a couple of days ago by a moderator, Andreaja69, elsewhere on this page.

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Urgh! Lost 3 hearts on this one as the English translation is so disjointed!


The chicken with rice dish is a favorite here


America has been known for things such as the blue plate special. This is absurd they mark us wrong for things this questionable. This is becoming tiring day after day marked wrong for petty things like this!!

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