"Do you study a lot?"

Translation:¿Tú estudias mucho?

4 months ago



Why is there an accent on the left, bottom correct example?

4 months ago


The sign next to..tú..Is a spanish question mark.. .this always appears at the beginning of a question and u can get it by holding a little longer on the regular question mark sign

4 months ago


So if I ask a woman if she studies a lot I don't ask her "¿Estudias mucha?"

3 months ago

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No, because mucho here is an adverb and does not change with gender. It is not modifying a noun (let alone one that isn't even in the sentence!) - it is dealing with the amount of studying. But when it is used as an adjective it does change to match gender and number: mucho dinero, mucha agua, muchas gracias.

1 month ago


Why is ústed incorrect?

3 weeks ago


Because it's not a formal conversation. If you said, "do you study a lot, señor" you would use "usted". In this case, assume you are having a general conversation with a peer not an elder or someone of higher rank.

4 days ago
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