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"La cabeza de ese cerdo es muy grande."

Translation:That pig's head is very big.

June 4, 2018



"the head of that pig is very large" was incorrect. It's a literal translation and grammatically correct. Makes for a frustrating 'learning' experience.....


When enough people report it, the algorithm accepts the alternate translation. Thus, you should report it.


That cant be. Many people make the same mistakes. Youre sating if eniugh people report the same mistake that the prohram will eventually come to accept it as valid.


The course contributors go through the reported possible alternative sentences and make individual decisions about each one.

In this instance, the course contributors may be making a point about the different ways English and Spanish puts possessives together. For that reason, I can imagine them not adding this particular alternative translation, even though it's technically correct.


Accepted 24 11 18


From what I know, it's incorrect to say 'very large'. You should rather make it, for example, 'really large'


MagosiaDoo2, I have never heard of such a rule nor could I find one. Please provide a link if you have proof otherwise as it is quite common to hear the phrase 'very large' in English.

The two words can be used interchangeably when modifying adjectives like the word 'large'.

very vs really


As a native speaker of English, I disagree.


"The head of that pig is very big" should not only be accepted, but it's also poetic.


No, Mr Cameron, it only looks big to you.


Agree with above on the literal translation.


Interesting the parts of a cooked pigs head is considered prize meat.


Pig's Head Platter anyone?


Probably the sentence I use the most in any language.

[deactivated user]

    Why not the head of that pig? Pathetic.

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