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"¿Qué día es el partido de fútbol?"

Translation:What day is the soccer game?

June 4, 2018

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'On what day is the football game' should be accepted.


maybe. but I was just marked wrong for using the word soccer. Duo must either accept both football and soccer as the translation of fulbol or just one of them everywhere, the first option being preferable for everyone.


Is "Cuál día es el partido de fútbol?" another way to say this?


Which one is more common in English, soccer or football?


It depends on the country, in the USA this game is called soccer and football is used for American football. In the UK, football is used now for this game since they call their other game rugby. Canada and Australia use soccer since they also have their own form of football, some other countries use football. Both words come from Association Football. A player of rugby was called rugger and a player of Association Football was called soccer at a certain time in the UK. Now the UK uses footballer.
On another page there is a map of which country uses which word for the whole world. It gets complicated, there are more countries that use football, but many are not English speaking countries. It is possible that there might now be more people speaking American English than UK English due to sheer population and sphere of influence.


Personally, I would say "when is the foitball game?", not "what day is the football game?" The former was marked incorrect by Duo. I wonder why.


There is a way to say your version in Spanish also. “When?” = “Cuándo?”


I'm not sure why, but I'm really confused with this sentence. With switching the words around, it's throwing me off. May I ask if someone can explain why? Thanks.


Literally it would be “What day is the game of football?”, but in American English we say “soccer” since we have a different game that we call football and if we have a shorter way to say something we will also use that. We can use a noun to describe another noun, so “football game” is our more natural way to say “game of football”, but again we call it “soccer game.”


Where is translation of new words.?


Why doesn't it accept "game of football" but only "football game"?


Game of football would refer to the entire sport, so it does not work for this sentence. The entire sport is not played on just one day.


It's called Football


Football should be acceptable here


isnt it cual dia


I put "What day is the game of soccer?",

How is this different than the provided translation?


I have no accent button on my phone and you will not accept my correct reply without the accent frustrating


Football is still not accepted!


“footballer” is accepted.


It's football not soccer


Why is wrong? What is the soccer game day?


In europe football is football not soccer


It must be a regional thing, but I'm used to hearing futbol with the stress placed on bol rather than fut.


What day is the soccer game is a translation, duo needs to widen the range of acceptable answers


How many times I met FOOTBALL in answers of DUO and it not accepted now. Why?


The small words e.g. es el are often strung together and cannot be differentiated


If I am counted correct for the sentence "¿Qué día es el partido?" as translated "What day is the game?" then why can the system not handle "¿Qué día es el partido de fútbol?" as "What day is the game of soccer?" I'm saying that the system is terrible if you translate it literally, which, at least in my case, is how I start to understand how things are actually constructed and strung together.


My answer was right but it is said that I am mistaken


I will forever write "football" and not "soccer" on Duolingo.


Futbol is footbal? But the context here want a soccer instead of footbal why?


Just lost a heart because in EU we play football not soccer?! Lol


Speaker misses first 3 WORDS... NOT fair in losing hearts

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