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  5. "The girl is Mexican."

"The girl is Mexican."

Translation:La niña es mexicana.

June 4, 2018



I think the pronunciation is wrong. The voice says the "x" like in english but it should be more like "mey-he-cana"


la pronunciación del auido es perfecta, se entiende con bastante claridad


Whats the difference between niña and chica?


When a baby is born and it is female, they would never call it a CHICA. IT would be a NIÑA. ( or if it is a male, the baby is a NIÑO and not a CHICO. For some people in Mexico, the word CHICA is not very dignified (nor is the word CHICO). At about 14 years old, in Mexico, the niña becomes a muchacha, but when you are talking formally to that person you should refer to her as a señorita and not a muchacha in order to show respect (and if it is male, the muchacho should be referred to as joven to show respect. Don`t know about the other 20-some countries where they also speak Spanish.


what is "la chama?"


Kid, child.

el chamo, la chama.


Is that polite in Dominican Republic?


In Mexico the words chamaco and chamaca are used ( but despectively), Also muchacho and muchacha are informal.


Yeah that hard X was surprising.


Why does México have an accent on the E, but mexicana/mexicano doesn't?


The first syllable of "ME xico" is stressed, so it needs an accent on the E, because according to the rules of Spanish the stress for a word with these letters would normally be on the second-to-the-last syllable. For example, the city of Tampico is stressed on the letter I. (tam PI co). When the word ends in a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) or when it ends in S or N then the stress is on the second-to-the-last syllable. Many place names have the stress on a different syllable, so then you have to write in the accent: Perú, Yucatán, Mérida, Michoacán.


My autotext changes es to ea and i get this wrong , small typos shouldn't be wrong answers


Repeat the long sentence as well. It will help us to revise. Only small words are repeated when we attempt them. But when it comes to long sentences no voice is there... So, kindly repeat the long sentences as well. As we attempt them.


Isnt girl in spanish is chica y nina?


I wrote the same answer, which is correct, yet It posted wrong and I don't see a difference except the symbol over the n, which isn't on my keyboard.

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