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  5. "É um prato de arroz."

"É um prato de arroz."

Translation:It is a plate of rice.

March 25, 2013



So, I take it "r" and even "rr" is pronounced like an "h"? No r-rolling like Spanish, clearly...


The R in prato is very different from the RR in arroz. There is a slight rolling in prato (not as much as in Spanish). The RR in arroz you can pronounce like the H in "has".


And everytime R begins a word it is like H in english..


Thanks to both of you!


Really helpful you are


Is that just in Brazil or is that Portuguese as well?


As Paulenrique said, it's also said that way normally in PT-PT, however there seems to be an accent in Portugal where they pronounce the R's just like in Spanish. (I've heard it while watching a Portuguese show) That is to say, the rolling R sound. According to this article, there are some parts of Brazil that seem to do this as well. Check out this article: http://hackingportuguese.com/pronunciation/portuguese-r-the-long-version/


Useful website, cheers.


Where I live people tend to use this R ;)

[deactivated user]

    In Portugal the 'R' and 'RR' never sounds like the English 'R'!

    The 'R' that we say depends on the words: If it begins with an 'R' (e.g. roupa) we usually say the 'R' like the French one. If the 'R' is in the middle of the word we say it like the Spanish one, but softly.

    The 'RR' always sounds like the French 'R'.

    P.S. There's people that say 'R' at the begining of the words just like the Spanish one, but this depends of you and it is not wrong!


    [deactivated user]

      Man, it's just for Brazilian Portuguese. In Portugal we usually say a R like the Spanish one when it's just one 'R' in the middle of the phrases.

      When there's a 'RR' or a 'R' at the begining of the phrases (ex: rato, rapaz) we say the 'R' like the French one and not the same as brazilians do.


      Thanks. PT-PT is a good shorthand!


      is there a separate word for bowl here? I used bowl because of context.


      Bowl, meaning a bowl for eating, is tigela in Portuguese.


      Is da not used here instead of de because there it is not de a arroz?


      Yes. Arroz is a male word. We can say "o arroz". Never say " a arroz".


      I'd say the reason for using "de arroz" and not "do arroz" is the same as the one for using "of rice" and not "of the rice" in English.


      Why was " It is a dish with rice" marked wrong?


      That would be "É um prato com arroz".

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