"¿Dónde quieres ir de compras?"

Translation:Where do you want to go shopping?

5 months ago



I put "Where do you want to go to shop.", having been taught at the Instituto de Cervantes that "ir de compras" is an expression/phase meaning "go to shop" or "go shopping" . So, DL, either way of putting it should be accepted.

3 months ago


Ir de compras= to go shopping

3 months ago


I put "Where do you want to go to shop." correct answer leaves out "to go" (ir). I am confused why my answer is wrong.

3 months ago


This was also my problem, “to go to shop” was accepted previously, and then suddenly it wasn’t.

3 months ago


I had the option do you want to leave your brother behind

2 months ago


Ir de compras is a little confusing for me. Literally: "To go from shopping?"

5 months ago


de compras = shopping

4 months ago


Agree. And shouldn't shopping be comprando? Maybe it's "to go for shopping"?

4 months ago


i put: where do you like to go shopping? that's the same rigth?

2 weeks ago


Not exactly. That would be 'Dónde te gusta ir de compras?. Your sentence is a question asking where someone prefers to shop when they go shopping where as Duo's question is asking where someone would currently wish to shop at this moment.

2 weeks ago

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Even though this is not a portuguese course but I think we would go to to say it like " Aonde que ir fazer as compras?" or "Aonde quer ir comprar?"

1 week ago
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