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"Time 2" lesson in Chinese has many new concepts crammed in.

I think the "Time 2" lesson in Chinese introduce way too many new concepts. In one lesson we are supposed to learn the 了 and 会 functions and the various time zone expressions (i.e. early in the morning, later in the morning, noon, afternoon, early evening) , how to use them in sentences (in present, future and past tense!), how to say "yesterday" and "weekend", how to tell time up to the minute (and add a.m and p.m after it), we learn the verbs to go (去) and to do (做) and we also learn "every" (每个), "every day" (每天), every year" (每年) e.t.c. and how to say "next" (上个) and "last" (下个).

Maybe they should have split it in two separate lessons. What do you think?

June 4, 2018

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I agree with this. The Duolingo team should split this lesson into more parts. +1 Lingot

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