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Swahili Overhaul

I know the people at "Duolingo HQ" are most likely busy, but I really wanted to learn Swahili but it's almost impossible to correctly learn the language due to it just expecting you to know what certain words mean, which makes you have to guess and check which will most likely end up with the learner learning the wrong thing. I think Duolingo should fix that, anyone else feel that or am I just a dummy ;p

June 4, 2018



For the meanings of words, you can hover the mouse over a word (or tap the word on a mobile device) and generally it should tell you the meaning of the word.

(A few question types don't have hover hints.)


we have waiting for a year now, i dont think its happening. I'd suggest finding another site if you want to learn it


Find another place to learn Swahili, maybe just Youtube or somewhere. Duolingo should know that their main priority should be sufficient and well made courses with audio, and that that is the best way to attract a large audience.


Other than the fact there is no audio yet, there seems to have been a lot of corrections made recently. I am getting emails on a daily basis now that one of my recommended changes has been accepted.


hmm, maybe I might try other language websites


Can't follow you. There is a hassle with "the", "a" , "some" , but it is not really serious. I also get now regularly mails that my proposals are accepted. The english is sometimes funny, but it will not hinder you to learn Swahili.


They are working hard to add all feedback from users. It can be frustrating, but I think especially the first 15-20 lessons are quite OK now. It's free anyway so much right to complain.

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