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  5. "The party is in the hall."

"The party is in the hall."

Translation:La fiesta es en el salón.

June 4, 2018



Why the use of 'ser' and not 'estar'. Talking about a location (e.g. Estoy en el salón). Is it because the location is considered permanent for a party?


Location uses "estar" whether you're talking about temporary (Estoy en la biblioteca) or permanent (Madrid está en España).
The location of an event (party, meeting, etc.), however, is an exception and uses "ser."


I just accepted "La fiesta esta en el salon" for me (I wrote it with the accent marks in the actual exercise).


Thank you I didn't know that.


Hall was hinted as corredor. Used corredor and it was marked incorrect....


I didn't have hints, but I was thinking of that kind of hall too. With no context, "corredor" should be accepted. Reported Nov. 24, 2018.


Without context, a hall can be a number of places. Therefore, "La fiesta es en el hall" is one possible correct translation.

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