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"Tengo una hermana y un hermano."

Translation:I have a sister and a brother.

June 4, 2018



If this audio is representative of typical Spanish speak, then learning the language is going to be tougher than I thought. The rush of words in the sentence sounds like: Ten oon ermana yoon ermano. I don’t hear the GO of tengo nor the A of una, nor the Y (and).


I'm not sure if it's me or my phone, but the last couple lessons with that female speaker racing through words makes me wonder how anybody could ever understand her LOL. I also hear all sorts of incorrect words and it doesn't always help to slow it down, or you slow it down and it's way too slow LOL. maybe some native Spanish speakers talk that fast and roll every letter into the next word, but I think it's just too fast for a teaching app... every time she starts talking now I'm like oh my Lord I'll never get this one LOL! Sometimes she's okay, but some combinations are just ridiculous


It's not you or your phone. It's because Duolingo has the quality of the recording compressed so high the audio is un-hearable. Even at slow speed, and especially at slow speed you can hear the compression better than the voice.

And it doesn't help that she marble mouths half her words. For example her pronunciation of fácil is just wrong. She completely drops the L.


It's even worse when the slower audio button doesn't work and just plays the dialogue at 'normal' speed.


Yeah, having the same problems.


Totally agree. It's very hard to get what she is saying.


You are absolutely right!


It can go so fast cinco (pronounced singko) can become
cinco (pronounced zingko)


This is actually still slower than normal speech. Keeping it slow and staccato would impede your progress because you will never get accustomed to understand a real conversation. Vowels are connected to other syllables to prevent closed syllables like "Tengou naermana yu nermano." This happens in a lot of languages.


I disagree. Surely the point of Duolingo is to work as an aid to learning a language. No learning can take place if you cannot understand what the person is saying. Compare this to the speech used in the stories. The speakers enunciate clearly. This helps the learner to understand how to translate the speech, and to build their confidence in learning and progressing through the lessons. I have attended a Spanish language course and the tutor has always spoken the words clearly. Once a learner becomes more confident in the language they can then progress on to speaking and listening as a native, but Duolingo is just not sophisticated enough for this type of learning.


Amen to that, Michael826443. Couldn't have said it better myself. You get 3 lingots from me for that comment.


Wow! If I spoke that quickly, people would probably think "where's the fire?!"


I don't disagree, but there should be a "turtle" (slow) option as a fall-back for those who can't follow the fast speech. The slow option should have been made available by now.


I just checked in to see if I was the only one with that problem.


Thats what i was gonna say. I live around a lot of spanish people in NYC and my mom is a fluent spanish speaker. Yes they do speak fast and its hard to understand but most of them dont mumble or slur this bad.


This time I played it several times to confirm that the female voice actually said (fast speed) Tengunermana yunermana" and (slow speed) "Tengo una hermana y un hermanA". I typed hermano of course since it follows "un", but the audio here is really bad.


I agree, this female speaker slurs words together and I also wonder if this is a typical speaker.


The Cubans in Miami speak very fast and elide all the words together. It's very hard to understand them. There are also folks from certain areas of Central America that not only talk fast, but their pronunciation, even when they slow down, is nearly impossible to get.


I completely agree, NickMac2. I didn't hear "una" at all in front of hermana, and she completely skipped over the "y" in front of un hermano. Shouldn't they be trying to teach us the language before they start talking extra fast in spanish? That would be more appropriate for more advanced students


You managed to hear more than I did.


Yes, the girl voice talks way too fast. A lot of times i dont hear the el or la or un or una. I have the same fear of not being able to hear or understand spanish speakers if this is how fast they will talk.


You have an option to listen with turtle speed & recheck it with the regular speed. They do speak very fast!! LOL


This is the only one I've done so far that I didn't have the option for turtle speed.


You're right mango_rain. She spoke the same speed on my phone on turtle as she did rushing through it at "Normal" speed. You guys that understood what she said on either one are amazing!


I didn't even get the turtle speed option, only one button with "normal" speed, and comparing with how the normal usually sounds, I'd say this is faster, like if one was listening to an audio book att higher speed.


I have had problems with the female voice for a long time trying to understand what she is saying. Perhaps true spanish speakers run all their words together, but for learning it makes understanding the voice very hard to decipher. The voice also has a tendency to fade out when slower and get softer and harder to hear. Dont like complaining but i would expect more precise diction for learners.


I agree she should be more precise, this is a teaching program. We need to know how to pronounce these words and she makes it almost impossible with marbles in her mouth. She is the problem, not a phone or any connection. Either she should do Teaching correctly, or I wish they would get someone else.


It really is ran all together. The sound is clearer, especially the female voice is, on the cell phone compared to my laptop. So jumbled!


I have a sister and brother would also be correct of course


in english yes but it is better to remember that "una" in spanish is most important to put in the phrase before the any characteristic


Good point. But that only applies to Spanish, and not English.


As a native English speaker that sounds a bit odd to me. I would put both "a"s there. It's not wrong per se. This could of course be a regional thing.


What's strange is the order of siblings. Just like we always say "black and white" rather than "white and black," we also say, "I have a brother and a sister."


I was thinking the same thing. So far, all of the Duo sentences in Spanish that contain sister and brother are in that order.


Is it only meet that hears y un close to a single word?


I heard it as a strange word combination also. The audio is unclear.


It's like the words all overlap the next word.


Not just you. It does sound like a single word. But in this case, I think that's realistic, to be expected of the phrase 'y un'.


if it wasn't for una and un the words for brother and sister sounds exactly alike


I totally agree, Sheila433415!!


You should listen to some native speakers from different parts of the world. Check this site out.


Whoa...way too fast with no option for the turtle speed on this one, for some reason. I couldn't decipher the 'una' after tengo, no matter how many times I listened and I thought brother was before sister. My answer was a guess and I could just imagine my 'deer in the headlights' look if I'd actually been conversing with this woman. Yikes.


the slow and fast were the same


Did the slow audio not work for anybody else or was that just me? 29/08/2020


Damn, she speaks fast... And the slow-speed-button doesn't work!


Why is the Yo dropped in this case? Why not "yo tengo", like we've been using previously?


No special reason. In fact, in most cases it would be more common to NOT include the pronoun. One usually includes it if they wish to shift the emphasis to the subject of the sentence.


On top of her mumblespeak, the turtle speed did not work. It was the identical fast mushmouth as the "normal " speed.


The slow speed didn't work on this one. My options are fast and equally as fast.


My turtle button didn't work on this one


Both audios sounded exactly the same and the sound of A from una hermana is missing


And turtle speed didn't work, so ... IMPOSIBLE, MUCHACHA.


No difference between the fast and the slow versions....all one big slide....


Agreed on all - and no option to slow it down (even at the ridiculously slow speed)


Right now, the turtle speed is exactly the same speed as fast speed on this one. Please fix!!

  1. The woman narrator drives me bonkers. Garbles words too fast, changes pronunciations. Hard to pick maestro from maestra 2. Why knock back "Yo" at start of sentence this time : it's been present and accepted every other bloody time


I wonder if whoever who makes the sentences actually listen to them afterwards ? Clearer diction would be very welcome.


Poor quality and difficult to translate


the slow recording is identical to the fast recording.


A lot of the time I do not understand the female speaking voice. I wish I could switch it to only the man's voice, he is more understandable.


No slow version of this sentence


As for coordinate nouns in a series, the Chicago Manual of Style (section 5.73) says: With a series of coordinate nouns, an article may appear before each noun but is not necessary {the rose bush and hedge need trimming}. -----


Why does it matter if you say I have a brother and a sister, or a sister and a brother? Duo is demanding that I put the translation out of order from the way any English speaker would ever say it, ever. I hope the spanish I'm learning isn't as awkward as the english duo is expecting.


Why 'Tengo' and not 'Yo Tengo'? Does it matter?


Typically the pronoun is left off in everyday conversation as the verb ending makes it clear who you are talking about. That said, you can include it if you wish to change the emphasis of the sentence to the pronoun.


Are you kidding me please take the food out of your mouth then spanish


Sorry, but the translation was difficult to hear.


This is a terrible audio, can't hear the


"Tengo nermana you nermano" is what I hear, no matter how many times I listen to it, trying to hear it correctly. I can never understand this woman unless I put it on slow speed.


The slow version is not slow


The woman is difficult to understand in a slower pace because her diction is really difficult her prononciation is not soothe for these teachings


The fast version is too much rush and slow version aint working for this particular questions... Please look it miggt be glitch


Where is the turtle button??????


This is what sets English teachers apart fro many others. The ability to slow down and teach from the bottom up


Could not understand what she was saying and there was no slow option


Fix this audio or remove the question please


The slow audio feature doesn't work. Hard to hear the sentence clearly.


The slow option on this one is not slow, which really would have been helpful.


The slow speed is the same as the impossible to understand fast speed


I hit the turtle for a slower speed and it was no slower than the faster speed. Luckily i guessed the correct answer


It is hard to understand what the woman is saying, way to fast, even when you tap the slower speed.


Turtle speed was same as regular speed


The slowly spoken option isn't working


First of all we need to learn what is being said then we can practice on how fast the natives speak and then we can learn how to drop the endings off of the words as they do but if we can't understand what they're saying in the first place how will we ever know how its supposed to sound


The turtle isnt working for this question, which makes it impossible for a learner to hear each word


I have one sister and one brother, should have been accepted.


How many siblings do you have? I have one sister and one brother.


Patricia and Tessbee, I thought I remembered a Hispanic speaker saying only to use uno when counting, and that it does not change for gender. But here, I think, el pequiño búho wants us to use "a" and change its gender for the sister & the brother.


That's what I wrote and it was accepted.


Why can I not hear 'yo tengo' but rather just 'tengo'?


Why not, Yo tengo una hermana y un hermano


That is a correct sentence, but that's not what the speaker said. It's really not necessary to include yo, since tengo means "I have" by itself.


I'm hearing, I have a sister and a sister


why cant you say " i have a brother and a sister " its still the same


Why couldn't it be: Yo tengo una Hermana y un hermano?


Correct Spanish, but not what this sentence called for.


"I have a brother and a sister" should have been accepted. :(


Well, that's not what the sentence says, correct? Duo is making sure you can tell one from the other.


Tengo una hermana y un hermano. I have a sister and a brother. But it says i am wrong


Tenun emanayun ermano. Actual sentence: Tengo una hermana y un hermano. Comment is yours.


Why no yo in front of tango, if the statement is I have a sister and a brother.


By itself, tengo means = "I have." The pronoun is unnecessary except for strong emphasis. A Spanish speaker would seldom use it.


Happened again! I typed the correct answer, checked it twice; but, still lost a heart. Has anyone had the same problem?


Why is this so picky? I simply switch brother and sister, since that makes more sense to me.


Without the benefit of slowing down the speech of the Spanish speaker, i was unable to differentiate between words. Therefore, got an incorrect answer.


I got this right and you marked it incorrect. I am also studying very hard only to down the board and, not up? Something isn't right?


Please get rid of the child voice. It's just plain irritating.


I do not hear "una y un"


You should "fire" this speaker, she has terrible pronunciation and talks to fast. Also there is no slow mode only fast on both buttons.


The fast and slow speeds are the same speed; both are fast


The slow speaker its too quickly


I thought yo was for I


Do you think anyone at Duolingo ever reads these comments? Half of my errors are due to not understanding what the speaker is saying. This shouldn't be a hearing test.


Most people can mimick sounds but we need to know what's being said in the first place


Most people can mimick something when they hear it but if they can't understand what's being said theres no way to even practice speeding up our speech because we cant understand what's being said


Most people can mimick something being said but if we can't understand what is being said in the first place we can't even practice trying to say it as fast as these people speak


The slow button doesn't work on this one


I've answered correctly and was still buzzed with correction to which was the answer I gave


The audio is very poor


There is no slow speed


I heard " Tengo mi hermano tu hermano" I listened 5 times.


I heard "Tengo mi hermano tu hermano" I listened 5 times.


Was anyone else not able to slow it down, or was it just me?


Hello. My name is jurnie. I am so happy to meet all of you guys and I love the way you guys are so good


This audio is toooooo fast to comprehend


She needs to slow down her speech just a tad!! Couldn't catch anything she was saying.


I have a typo. Pleasw excuse me so i can have all of my xp points.


Not confused about the sentence. It asked to type what you hear in spanish but it was incorrect and the English translation was the correct answer.


I understand we must learn Spanish in real time however for teaching purposes, your slower version is not slow at all. The womans words are so quickly spoken a few words are merged together. For someone who is learning Spanish as a second language this is not a good example.


Not a good example of a slower version at all.


After hearing "tengo una hermana y un hermano" I wrote "tengo una hermana y un hermana" because that lady talks so fast! I had to listen to it no less than 20 times to hear it right and I still got it wrong! Because on these it usually has you follow along but no, I had to write "I have a sister and a brother." This doesn't make sense at all. I have tried and tried but I can't get it right :( I guess I will never complete this one.


Impossible to hear the words.


I heard a woman in a store and I heard her talking. She was talking Spanish and she talked so fast that I could only catch " que quiere comprar?"


Terrible pronunciation. Slow button did not work.


Get rid of this speaker!!


The recording for this question is way too fast even on the slow setting cannot e understand what she's saying


Terrible audio!! The audio the WORST thing about this app!!!


The audio wont go slow


It is too fast.


I couldn't use the slow down function on this phrase. Was hoping to force it to actually say each word, but apparently the turtle was having siesta. :-)


The slow version was at the same speed as normal! Couldn't hear clearly at all


She's TERRIBLE!!!!!!! Get rid of her!!!!!!


In another lesson I could have sworn the female voice pronounced "talla" as "fie-ya." I repeated the slow voice several times. However, I could easily understand the male voice saying the same word.


My answer was exactly as the correct answer yet i had a red result.


Why are the fast and slow speach the same speed? When the turtle is pressed, the speed should be slowed down so the words can be understood. Please, check this problem out. Thank you.


It can be said a sister and brother without having to add the extra a


Speaking too fast


Could not understand and the slow speed was just as fast as regular speed. Impossible to distinguish between the o and the a ending.


Bad audio. Slow speed was same speed as regular speed.


The example is the same speed on normal choice and slow choice and it is hard to understand


This one was very unclear and too fast. The slower option wasnt slowed down, either


I understand that the languages is sometimes spoken quickly. However, the slower speech version would have served me well. I couldn't clearly hear the "y" in the sentence. When spoken quickly, it made the sound yoon = yun = y un (hermano). Got it! Getting me up to the speed of the language. Cool.


The slow button is no different. I can't understand this at all


I have a brother and a sister. What is the difference? How is this wrong?


I think it's because Duolingo wants you to write the DIRECT translation and doesn't want you to mix up the order of the phrase.


Where is the fire.Why is the instructor speaking so fast you can't hear half the words correctly.


i don't understand when there isn't a yo there , it still is. Is it only when there is a tu that it needs to be there in writing.


As there are no dates, yo, tu, him/her, are all in the verb's ending. - o is yo, es/as is tu, no change to verb's ending is him/her


why don't they drop the articles here, when they would drop them if you were just discussing just having a sister, or just having a brother? Yo tango hermana.


In colloquial English, it would be normal to leave out the second "a". Should be allowed.


This is at least the third time that I have a correct answer that was called wrong. What's the deal??


Yo tengo is also the same


It means the same, but wasn't used in this sentence.


What happened to 'yo' tengo??


As first time learner of a new language, I find that the woman speaking blurs her words together. Even using the " slow" speech version on this lesson was not enough!


This particular sentence is unclear,even that slow isn't slow at all


I agree. The female speaker rushes so fast and on this particular exercise the slow was just as fast. There was absolutely no way that I could understand her.


Shouldnt it be "Yo tengo una hermana y uno hermano"?


Woah woah woah, i couldnt hear any of that bc i cant make it slower


Yikes! I had to listen to it at least 10 times to figure it out! What's wrong with audio speed? Both are the same - neither one is slower!


The audio speaKs too fast can't tell what is being said


There was no slow option for this, both buttons playwd the aame voice rishing through the words and not pronouncing g sounds


Both examples are high speed....this has happened too many times. Yes, the female voice is often very hard to distinguish.


The adio is un hearable. No one can understand the words are being spoken.


Totally unintelligible... guessed right but could only make out a couple words.


This item did not offer a slower pitch when selected, so I couldn't understand what was to translate.


I didn't get the full gist of the audio. I can barely hear what comes first or last


for "tengo una hermana y un hermano", why can't we say i have a brother and a sister?

[deactivated user]

    Hermana is supposed to be last, like brother and sister. If thats the case, why doesnt this reflect the change? Sister and a brother.... does not.... make.... sense.


    Perfect sense. It's a common order in English, but not required.


    this is a test comment

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