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  5. "We need a fire."

"We need a fire."

Translation:Wir brauchen ein Feuer.

June 4, 2018


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Is fire countable in English and German?


I think in this sentence "fire" is supposed to mean something like a campfire, so it's countable. A group trekking through the wilderness might light several fires: one in front of each tent.

I think the difference is made between fire as a "material" (hot stuff, plasma, whatever you like to call it) vs. fire as a specific mass of burning things (a campfire, a house on fire).

If someone needs fire as a "material" e.g. to light a cigarette, you'll use "fire" in an uncountable way: "He needs fire." / "Er braucht Feuer." ("Do you have a light?" = "Haben Sie Feuer?") In the same way you'd say, "He needs wood" / "Er braucht Holz" (as a material).

Similarly: "The first town house was destroyed by fire in 1567" / "Das erste Rathaus wurde 1567 durch Feuer zerstört", "Fire can be extinguished with water" / "Feuer kann mit Wasser gelöscht werden"

If you're talking about a specific fire ("a heap of burning things"), you'll say, "The fire destroyed the house" / "Das Feuer zerstörte das Haus", "Someone has to watch over the (camp)fire" / "Jemand muss das Feuer bewachen", "The fire went out" / "Das Feuer ist ausgegangen", ...

Note that the event of a fire is "der Brand" in German: "In 1567, the town hall was destroyed in a fire." = "Das Rathaus wurde 1567 durch einen / bei einem Brand zerstört."

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Danke für diese Erklärung :)


I think you tried to say "free fire" means "frei feuer"


No, "Feuer frei" means "permission to shoot". You hopefully never hear this, no matter which side of the fire you're on.

Nevertheless you cannot say "frei feuer". First of all it's Feuer as it is a noun. Then it is neuter, das Feuer, you need to put the adjective to neuter, too: (ein) freies Feuer. This sounds like a bushfire.


It's also a song by Rammstein


Why is it ein and not einen.isnt Feuer masculine?


No, "das Feuer" is neuter.


Isn't the accusative form of feminine "ein" just "ein" what is eine and einen anyway?


In the accusative case (that is, the direct object of the sentence) "a" or "an" is "einen" with masculine nouns, "eine" with feminine nouns and "ein" with neuter nouns.


Planning on burning some witches or just roasting marshmallows?


I live in Australia, could you create a replacement question


"Wir benötigen ein Feuer" was marked wrong. It is a valid translation. Reported.


Yes, it is correct but you wouldn't hear "benötigen" in a normal conversation.


Such as, it's a cold evening, we need a fire (in the woodstove, fireplace, or pellet stove).


Need fire... The leprechaun told me to burn things!


How can I use "ein-eine-einen" in dativ form like ths question?


I don't think you'll still need this answer but someone might. In "Wir brauchen ein Feuer" the word "Feuer" is in the accusative case as it is the direct object. "A" or "an" with neuter nouns in the accusative case is "ein". With feminine nouns "a" or "an" is "eine" and with masculine nouns it is "einen". The "einen" form is the one that catches everyone's attention because it breaks the pattern.

The dative case is for the indirect object and for use with certain prepositions. In the dative "a" or "an" is "einem"/"einer"/"einem" for use with masculine/feminine/neuter nouns.


Ich heiße Bär Grylls!


How many times am I going to be told that "We need a fire?" Enough, already!


So... is brauchen plural of brauch? like 'ich brauch ein feuer' and 'wir brauchen ein feuer'?


Not plural - subject-verb agreement (in other words, you conjugate the verb to match the subject). In 1st person, it'd be 'Ich brauche ein Feuer'. When the subject is 'wir', the correct conjugation is 'brauchen'.


Is fire in this sentence object ? Shoulden't we use article den ?


No, cause Feuer ist neuter, das Feuer, and the accusative case for that is just das (or here ein)


isn't einen for an objective case? why is it ein? it was einen when they were talking about the earth having a moon


Einen is only for masculine nouns. Fire is neuter while Moon is masculine.


Is 'Erkältung', common cold? I seem to confuse it with 'Erklärung'.


Yes, eine Erkältung is a cold, eine Erklärung an explanation ☺


so fire here is described as "campfire" or something like that?


It's just fire. You're free to imagine ;o)


Can wollen replace brauchen?


No, it cannot. It's we want a fire vs. we need a fire.


Sorry for late reply, but thank you!


Why would you need a fire?


What kind of fire


Ryan begann das Feuer!

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