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New Spanish tree does not like coche!

On the screen where you have a picture of the car, it did not allow the translation 'el coche'. It only wanted 'el carro'. But coche and carro are both car, it would not allow me to report it. Coche was previously used before the change to the new tree.

June 4, 2018



Sandwich always used to be emparedado.

Now sandwich is sandwich.

And vice versa.


The people who wrote the new Spanish content were not always consistent with what was taught in the previous Spanish tree. "Coche" and "emparedado" are two of the victims of that. These problems will eventually be corrected. But there are some improvements: the new Spanish items for the first time accept the English present progressive as a translation of the Spanish presente.


I know right. I found the same thing. Tried to report it, but no such luck. I wouldn't be surprised if we find more such oddities in this new update.


Yes, I've also encountered the missing coche and emparedado. I hope they'll fix it, but it has already cost me at least 2 XPs! :-)


Don't worry about emparedado, it seems like nobody uses it. We native speakers in Duolingo are still waiting for speakers that say "Yo digo "emparedado" :P


In my experience the most common word for sandwich is un bocadillo.

As a native Spanish speaker can you confirm which is the most usual translation please?


I can't. "Bocadillo" is very common in Spain, probably the most usual word. "Sándwich" and colloquial variants ("sángüich", "sánguche", "sánduche") is the normal word in the Americas. In Mexico a sandwich in a specific type of bread (similar to bread for hamburgers) is a "torta".

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This has been a problem with both the French and Spanish trees recently with the new picture questions: there are often two (or more) legitimate answers to a question and it will only accept one of them. And they often won't let you report the problem so the other correct answer can get added.


I had never even heard the word carro before, maybe it's Latin American. This is really annoying and I hope they change it.


"Carro" is the most common word for "car" in Spanish, it must be teached. But the dialectal words "coche" and "auto" should be accepted.


That's interesting because when I searched coche/carro most sites said that coche was more widely used in Spain.


That's true. "Coche" is used in Spain, Equatorial Guinea and... Uruguay? Around 15% of speakers of Spanish.


I tried but the only option was to report that the image didn't match the sound!

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