"We have to buy more milk."

Translation:Tenemos que comprar más leche.

7 months ago



Why does it have to be "tenemos QUE comprar" instead of "tenemos comprar"?

5 months ago


It's the difference in meaning (in English) between "I have an apple" and "I have to ____." In the latter case "have" is similar to "need". Apparently, though, DL distinguishes "having to" and "needing to" since it's rejecting "necesitamos".

3 months ago


Thats what im trying to figure out

4 months ago


Why doesn't necesitamos work?

7 months ago


Necesitamos == need

6 months ago


Are "needing to _" and "having to_" equivalent in English? I would have thought so. I think it depends on how "need" is interpreted -- it has different logical meanings.

The funny thing is DL, instead of "necesitamos" suggests "debemos" __ "ought".

3 months ago

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They are different words with different meanings and although they can be interchangeable colloquially, to be precise needing to do something and having to do something are not the same. You need to do something for your own purposes and you have to do something when someone or something else makes you to is maybe one way of distinguishing it.

2 months ago

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From what I've been able to work out, if you have a "need" followed by an infinitive (a "to be" verb) then you use "tener que + to be". But if you have a "need" not followed by an infinitive, then you use "necesitar".

Example: I need + to buy bread = yo tengo que comprar pan. I need bread = yo necesito pan.

3 months ago
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