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  5. "Do you need a taxi, Sir?"

"Do you need a taxi, Sir?"

Translation:¿Necesita un taxi, señor?

June 4, 2018



Why is it not, ¿"Necesitas" un taxi, Señor?


The speaker is most likely a taxi driver. He/she would be deferential to a potential fare by using the formal "necesita."


Using 'Señor' would imply that the sentence is formal, thus requiring the formal version of 'you' which is 'usted'. The correct conjugation for 'usted' is 'necesita'. 'Necesitas' is the conjugation for the informal 'tú'.


Hmm that makes sense, thanks


I don't understand why it isn't 'necesitas' either! The conguation for Tú is necesitas surely.


Can the answer not be: ¿Usted necesita un taxi, señor?


Yes -- "¿Usted necesita un taxi, señor?" -- that's exactly what I said. Duolingo counted it wrong. I've reported it.


I also put "¿Usted necesita un taxi, señor?" and it was accepted, so Duolingo must now have added this as a possible correct answer.


Would, "¿Necesita usted un taxi, señor?" also be correct? If not, why?


Me, too. (Reported that "¿Usted necesita un taxi, señor?" should be accepted.)


If you are using a pronoun in the question (though it is not necessary) you would write it after the verb. So if you wanted to use 'usted' you would say, ¿necesita usted un taxi, señor? But it is unnecessary and kind of redundant since you are using señor as well, but that would be the correct Spanish grammar - pronoun after verb when asking a question. "Usted necesita un taxi, señor" is taken as a statement, like telling the man he needs a taxi, not asking him.


I reported this because the help text is ambiguous as to why the answer is incorrect.

You used the tú form "necesitas" instead of the él/ella/usted form "necesita".

That seems to be giving two possible problems. I suggest that this should be broken down into two different help strings, something like:

You used second-person tu instead of third person el/ella.


You used informal tu form instead of formal usted.

This would help new learners understand what exactly they did wrong and better correct their thinking.


"necesita un taxi caballero" was marked wrong. Caballero is definitely used in Spain to signify "sir"


Only if he is a knight, not a guy on the street!


nonsense - I am called caballero frequently and I am a simple guy on the street .


On the toilet doors : Men / Caballeros. (It is more formal than señor)


I believe Duolingo teaches Spanish spoken in US, i.e. primarily that spoken in Mexico, Central America...


Caballero is more like saying "gentleman" while senor is more like saying "sir". That's why it is on restroom doors because it is saying gentlemen.


i added the pronoun, necesita usted un taxi señor, and it marked it correct. that seemed to be more in line with the "señor" sentences Duo has been offering up for us to translate. I'm sure it's just degrees of politeness, deference.


In english, need and want is interchangeable in some cases. Is that true with spanish?


Good question. Necesitar & Querer in Spanish. ((To need / to want/ to like/to love in English)


"Usted necesita una taxi, señor" is not correct?


'taxi' is masculine. So it should be 'Usted necesita un taxi, señor' (that's 'un taxi' instead of 'una taxi').


Why "necesita tu un taxi, senor?" us incorect?


"Necesita" doesn't go with "tú."
"Necesita" goes with "usted."
"Necesitas" goes with "tú."
In Duo's sentence here, since the man is addressed as "sir," we have to use the formal "necesita (usted)."


So how am I to know which "you" you intend? Tu or usted?


The word "sir" tells you. If you address someone as "sir," you will use the formal (Usted) verb form with him.


I do not understand though I need help with this one


Caballero means gentleman, senor means sir


Ah, I see below that the key here was the word Senor which should have tipped me off to use the formal usted form. Thanks.


On a less repetitive note, I got it right when only typing ¿Necesita un taxi?. I assume this is a result of using the correct formal singular form of necesitar (necesita) but it does still confuse me, I was expecting to get an error.

[deactivated user]

    What is ¿Señor, necesitas un taxi? Isn't that the same? Just wondering?

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