안 or -지 않아요?

When you want to make a verb\sentence a negative: for example: "I don't read the book." would it be "저는 책을 안 읽어요." or "저는 책을 읽지 않아요."?

In some exercises, if I write one of the two it shows up as incorrect, but I can't seem to find a pattern to when which one is used. Does someone know when to use which one?

June 4, 2018


안 is an adverb, while 않아요 is a verb. the 지 just means the the verb before it is modified. An explanation I found for using one or the other is that 안 is used when there are no other adverbs in the sentence; this is due to Koreans trying to use as little adverbs as possible; while 지 않다 is used when there are other adverbs.

However it's up to the person whether 안 is used at all or if they just use 지 않다 for everything.

June 4, 2018

Thank you~

June 5, 2018

방탄소년단? 지민?

June 7, 2018

ㅋㅋㅋ 네, 방탄하고 지민 먾이 좋아해요~

June 7, 2018

-While JackRabbitEagan is right about 안 being an adverb and -지 않다 being a verb, there is a little more to it. In short, 안 can only be used pure korean verbs, and -지 않다 can be used with both sino-korean verbs and native korean verbs. So the only way you can know to use 안 is if you have specifically learned that it can be used with that verb. If you aren't sure, -지 않다 will always be right. Another thing is 안 is less formal. -ex. 낡다 (to be old, used with objects) is a pure korean verb, so you can negate it using whatever method that makes your heart happy- 책이 안 낡아요 or 책이 낡지 않아요 (the book is not old) -Most verbs that end in -하다 are sino korean verbs, but not all (confusing, I know) so if you want to conjugate a 하다 verb negatively, it's always safe to use -지 않다. However, with 하다 VERBS, you can also separate it and use 안. For example, 공부하다 can be conjugated as 공부하지 않아요 or 공부(를) 안 해요. (the 를 is in parentheses because you don't necessarily need it, even though it is grammatically correct to include it) With adjectives that end in 하다, it's not really natural to separate the noun from 하다, even though it is grammatically correct to do so. Ex. 행복하다 (to be happy) can be 행복하지 않아요, but not 행복을 안 해요. Here is a video that explains it really simply: And here is a Quizlet list I found of pure korean verbs: And lastly, here is a website that explains how to conjugate with 안 and -지 않다. I hope this helps!

June 10, 2018

둘다 해요. "저는 책을 읽지 않아요"도 쓰긴 하는데 굳이 더 많이 사용하는 걸 나누자면 "저는 책을 안 읽어요"를 더 많이 사용해요. 왜냐면 '읽어요' 앞에 '안'만 붙이면 되잖아요.

June 13, 2018

네, 알겠습니다. 바로자워서 감사합니다!

June 14, 2018
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