"My siblings like the new bike."

Translation:A mis hermanos les gusta la bicicleta nueva.

5 months ago



Why is it "A" mis hermanos?

3 months ago

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Yep, I want to know that too!

1 month ago


Because "hermanos" is NOT the subject of the sentence.
"Hermanos" is the indirect object.
The subject is the "bibicleta".

La bibicleta nueva--- The new bike

gusta---------------- is pleasing

les------------------- to them

a mis hermanos----- to my siblings (clarifies who is "them")

So, we change the sentence around to make sense to English ears. And it becomes "My siblings like the new bike."

1 week ago

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I would never say siblings in this context. I would say my brothers and sisters, or in my case sisters. Siblings is just a bit too formal somehow

3 months ago


DL wants you to construct the sentence correctly to learn the language.

1 week ago


Why is it, "A mis hermanos." rather than, "Mis hermanos?"

1 month ago


Duo rejected my translation and said this:

You used the ellos/ellas/ustedes form "gustan" instead of the él/ella/usted form "gusta". A mis hermanos les gusta la nueva bici.

But hermanos is plural just like ellos/ellas/ustedes, so the explanation suggests gustan instead of gusta. I don't understatnd.

Duo won't let me post this with bogus claim that my email address needs to be verified.

2 months ago


The bike is pleasing to the siblings and bike is singular. It's that weird Spanish reflexive thing.

2 months ago


Should it not be "les gustan" instead of les gusta since it its conjugated for the plural hermanos?

5 months ago


Nevermind, just read that it's les gustan as long as 'bikes ' is plural.

5 months ago


OK, but on the other hand BICI actually is plural ( *two wheels < bi = two, cicle = wheel/ ring)

3 months ago
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