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  5. "Yo necesito usar el carro."

"Yo necesito usar el carro."

Translation:I need to use the car.

June 4, 2018



Why is it saying "carro"? I thought the word was "coche" but it didn't accept "el coche" for "the car" on another question. I'm sure it used to accept it.


It should accept both. Different regions use different words.


The Spanish being taught here is based on the language as spoken in Mexico. Another example of a difference in vocabulary is the Spanish word for juice: in Mexico it's called jugo, in Spain it's zumo.


Then why do they use the Spanish flag.. it is so misleading

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Depends on the juice in Spain:

Freshly squeezed is zumo but processed (heated, suger added etc) is jugo.


Thank you i'm in Spain and your comment is helpful


Here is called "fresco"


On this site it uses carro


"coche" has been used previously on this site but nothing is perfect. Reort the limitations and celebrate the (free) positives.


Automobil, coche and caro are the dame. What dictates usage is the region you are in. Argentina, Colombia or Spain etc..


COCHE is used in Spain . In other countrys is used CARRO .in many countrys COCHE DE CABALLOS is for car pulled by horses


Car=Coche=Automóvil=Auto anyone is correct in any country


Did you report it?


what are the differences between usas, uso, usar and usa?


"Usas" = you use. "Uso" = I use. "Usar" = to use. "Usa" = he/she/it uses. Does that help?


Thank you so much for this explanation!


They gave the example of: I need to use the car. Their translation was: Yo necisito usas el carro. I didnt get to chose "uso". So i was confused why it wasnt "uso". Why did it want me to use "usas"?


Sorry correction my made me chose "usar". Im still just as confused.


Uso means "(I) use" Usar means "to use" So "yo necessito usar el carro" translates to "I need TO use the car" And "Yo uso el carro" translates to "I use the car" Hope that's helpful!


"Puedo usar el carro" meaning can I use the car? Why is it usar here instead of uso? I am a bit confused.


Thx for the explanation


Yeah, you can think of it as you only conjugate the first verb. In this sentence it would be "to need", which you conjugated to "yo necesito". The next verb is usar, which doesn't get conjugated. As well as knowing that "Usar" literally translates to "to use".

Second example:

If we used the sentence

"Yo quiero leer mi libro", you would only conjugate the first verb which was "to want" to "yo quiero" and the next verb would not be conjugated. It would stay at its base form "leer" which literally translates to "to read" That whole sentence would then read "I want TO READ my book"

Hope this helps anyone


Am i the only one that heard "Yo necesito Sara y Carla."? This newer female voice is throwing me some curve balls.


Same here.

My family goes to Tenerife, like, all the time and I'm pretty sure they use 'coche' over there too.


'Carro' is what they say in Latin America for 'car', while in Spain they use 'coche'. Both should be correct!


I learned coche from Mexican tv.


Why is it usar instead of uso?


The verb 'necesitar' is conjugated => 'necesito' So 'usar' is the infinitive, similar to what you would do in English.


Why is it usar and not uso. It's Yo before!?


Notice how the sentence is "Yo necesito usar el carro." There's already a conjugated verb (yo necesito - I need). In English, for example, you wouldn't say "I need I use the car." Instead, it would be "I need to use the car," or "Yo necesito usar el carro." Generally, use an infinitive if a sentence already has a conjugated verb. Hope that helps!


I got "usas". I dont understand either why it wasnt "uso"


I typed the correct answer buf it was marked as wrong


I entered "I need to use the car" and got it wrong.


Because the answer should be in spanish.. "type what you hear"


dude is it uso or usar for first person because i typed uso for one and then it was wrong and then typed usar for another and then that was wrong. wth


Uso means I use. Usar means to use. When a sentence already has a conjugated verb, use an infinitive. Example: Yo uso el carro - I use the car. Example: Yo necesito usar el carro - I need to use the car. Hope that helps!


Well done! I love the simplified comparison. #Duolingo do this for answers involving conjunction plz


I was thinking the same thing!


Why isnt it uso???


Why is it necesitO here vs. necesitA in previous questions ?


Necesita - he/she/it/you (formal) needs / Necesito - I need / Necesitas - you need (informal) / Necesitamos - we need / Necesitan - you guys/they need


Coche in spain guys


"Coche" is Spanish Spanish for "car". I checked with my teacher yesterday and she said that in Spain, "carro" means a really fancy, posh car.


esto es un carro en España, y esto es un coche.....A los carros "elegantes" los llamamos coches de caballos (o caleras o ....) que serían esto

[deactivated user]

    Carro sounds better, i actually never have heard coche for car before.


    In that case I guess you are from Latin America, and not from Spain


    i need to use the auto not accepted.


    Just a quick question: is this Spanish from Spain? Cause I see words like: carro, computadora, jugo. What? I knew words like coche, ordenador and zumo.


    No, it's American Spanish


    at first time, at "Yo necesito usar el carro" I answered "I need to use the car", but according to duolingo it was wrong, because it should be "I need the car" (it was showed). But now, when I use this answer, that was showed earlie, again it says that it is wrong varient!!! please, could you fix it? I can't write it all in the report, unfortunately


    Sometimes, i teach my kids to learn ela and math in english


    Coche is correct but not accepted...carro is a trolley


    Can "usar" be translated to "drive" in this context? "Use the car" seems like a bad translation.


    I typed what the answer said it was and it marked me wrong


    Why won't it except "My car" instead of "The car?"


    Difference between necesito and necesitas ???


    Necesito means "I need." Necesitas means "Yo need." If you want to learn more about verb endings: https://www.enforex.com/language/present-tense.html


    Yo necesito usar el carro


    Is it me, or is the pronunciation, especially 'usar' which sounds like 'usas' poor. I am getting everything correct except 'usar'


    I thought that "uso" was for "Yo" and that "usar" was for "he/she/it". I'm not to sure if thats right.


    "Yo" goes with "necesito" = I need. Then after "I need" you need "to use" which is "usar." Yo necisito usar = I need to use. He/she would be "el/ella usa"


    It's really hard to hear "usar el" in this sentence. Any tips for deciphering separate words when they get smushed together like this? The o in "necesito" blends with the u in "usar" and I'm not sure why the "el" gets buried, but it's quite tough to pick out the individual words.


    It marked me wrong for not including the "Yo" smh. I typed, " Necesito usar el carro."


    ¿Puedes por favor conseguir personas que la pronunciación es clara y precisa. ASAS & ASAR son un buen ejemplo.

    Sus labios parecen extenderse para incluir un sonido sss al final de decir 'USAR'


    When do i use "usar" and when do i use "uso"?


    What is wrong with the sound? Nothing but static


    Is it just me or does the female voice sound like she's saying "yo necesito sorry carro"? When I hit the turtle speed speech button is sounds like she says "yo necesito usa el carro". I listened over and over again and I dont hear any 'r' at the end of 'usa' but properly it should be usar, not usa!


    Why do I need to put yo?


    Sorry to tell you guys, but in Spanish- el castellano, we use coche. Carro is used in South America. Not that it is wrong. But I think that most of the people would like to speak the original languange, a la Cervantes.


    The course teaches Latin American Spanish.

    Carro is correct.


    Except that if one is going to be interacting regularly with people speaking latin american spanish, it's better to know the same version. I'd get some mighty funny looks speaking castilian spanish.


    Why is it here that usar is used for yo but in other exercises its uso?


    usar means 'to use', not just 'use'. uso does go with yo. Just like at the begining when we learned i eat, you eat, he eats= yo como, tu comes, el come, so does usar. Yo uso, tu usas, el usa= I use, you use, he uses. The more spanish you learn, the more you will use this pattern. Make sure you are clicking on all the light bulbs! they give you valuable information about learning the language that you are on.


    Because the verb that gets conjugated is necesitar rather than usar. Nececitar=to need. Usar=to use. In English, it's I want to use, so necesito=I need and to use=usar. If the English uses to+verb, use the Spanish form that ends in r: usar, pagar, leer, estudiar.


    Oops, should have typed necesitar. Sorry.


    This woman's voice often slurs the words together making it very difficult to hear what is being said.

    [deactivated user]

      You dont need to put 'yo' in front of necesito, it still means i need. Duolingo should see that


      ScienceFic2 thanks


      Why in this scenario is it usar and not uso?


      Because you already conjugated the verb "necesitar" (to need) saying "necesito" (1st singular person form), so the verb "usar" (to use) goes in its infinitive form. It's the same when you speak English, you say "I need to use the car" and not "I need I use the car".


      Why is it usar and not uso if its yo?


      I write caro but it said its false!!


      Caro is a different word in Spanish. Carro has two r's


      yo uso or usar? confuses me


      Uso mean "use" as in "Yo uso una computadora" (I use a computer). But usar means "to use" as in "Yo necesito usar el carro" (I need to use a car). So remember, if in English you would say "to use" it's usar in Spanish. But if you would say just "use" you would say uso for the pronoun i, usa for he/she and usas for you.


      Blooming heck, im already confused... Thanks for the tip though


      I was confused with the usage of usar verses uso with Yo


      Yo uso - I use

      Yo necesito usar - I need to use

      When there's two verbs, the second one doesn't get conjugates.

      Does that help?

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