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I used to see "tips and notes" while on the home computer. Now there's nothing to see. Whassssup?

June 4, 2018



Hello, Knirps! The tips and notes have fortunately gone nowhere, even if it ironic the way to access them was supposed to be easier (word of a moderator). When you begin a lesson, you have a button to click, well, to begin. Beneath, you see the number completed/to be completed to next crown, and a light bulb icon on the right. That's where you find the tips and notes. Have a nice time on Duolingo!


I have a question about the German tree. Is the subjunctive taught?

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I think so because I get plenty of comments telling me something about what I am asking about is the subjunctive. But, unfortunately for me, talking grammar clearly doesn't help me much. ;-)


Bon jour Vabelie, Como ca va? I began French lessons this week. You were my inspiration. I hope to improve the French impression of Americans. We are an acquired taste. Merci for your kindness. Your ami, Cat


Oh, Catherine, that is such a kind move! Thank you, thank you so much! I've noticed you as well as a voice of light on the forum. Don't you worry about my impression of Americans, I'm not one to let myself be blinded by prejudice, I only believe in 7 billions individuals, and every Americans I've met have been perfect "chics types" (good people). Welcome to my beautiful, twisted, headache-worthy langage ;) Sincerely hope to see you again around the forums! À bientôt :)


We heard in another thread, that for any reason the lighbulb button was not visible in the skill popup panel on the "Home" web portal (full desktop mode).

However, if this is the case (temporarily) for you, do not care too much about it and instead use this:


Each skill has a lighbulb "tips and notes" (if available) and a practice button behind it.

You can even read multiple notes for several skills on your single SHOF progress page.


I guess this is a temporary bug with the desktop? And it's with all languages. The interesting side effect is finding this progress thingy you pointed out. It's kind of interesting. I put in my own user name and I can see the progress of the language I last studied or am currently studying. Fascinating.



I guess this is a temporary bug with the desktop?

Either this, or it is/was done on purpose by staff because of this A/B test: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27526489$comment_id=27934746

If a user completely can not access the lightbulb "tips and notes" button for a longer time he / she should check is official public extended userprofile (stream with lot's of variables :-)): http://www.duolingo.com/users/USERNAME


Mr. Heiss, Thanks for the info. You are always very helpful. Tu amiga, Cat


Yes, very much thank you Thomas. That's very useful, I should have mentionned it. You're always a helping hand in this community.




There might be another issue on DuoLingo on top of what you describe, that there is a test to remove "tips and notes" for several accounts.

I am not aware if this experiment is globally inactive or still selectively activated for several accounts, but according to some threads/comments in the past months, surely not EVERYONE has access to them on the web portal!

In German (not yet translated):

"[Sehr seltsames A/B Experiment]: web_no_tips_and_notes_experiment": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27730071

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