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"Where does your Spanish girlfriend live?"

Translation:¿Dónde vive tu novia española?

June 4, 2018



"... Just asking since I'm going to Spain this weekend and wouldn't like her to feel ... Alone.." - who came up with this sentence? How many girlfriends do you have? One in each country?


There are 195 countries so 195 girlfriends


Excellent... Thought the same question...


why not 'su novia' ?


Su novia = his/her girlfriend. Tu novia = your girlfriend


Dónde vive su novia Española? Debería ser correcto. También es una opción


Su means her or his (correct me if im wrong haha im still learning haha :))


"Su novia" would be "his girlfriend", whereas the English asks about "your girlfriend".


It's because "your" means too "tu,tus,su,sus". In this case "Dónde vive "tu/su" novia española?" it means the same thing. What happens is that in Spanish the "tu/your" is used when we are all friends and the "su/your" when he is your boss or is older than you or you do not know him at all yet.

I hope you understand me.


Oh, I see! I was not aware that usted/ustedes gets "su" as a genitive. (Actually, I don't think I have come across a declination of usted/ustedes in any exercise so far.) Thank you for pointing this out.


Thank you. You explained this very well


Donde vive tu novia español, why is that inncorect?


The Spanish word, española, is an adjective. Many spanish adjectives must match the gender of the noun they modify.

In addition to your first mistake, the interrogative adverb, dónde, requires an accent in this Spanish sentence.


It said I was wrong because I used the tu form vives, which I did because I used tu!!! Why is that not correct?


"Tú" and "tu" are different - with the accent it means you; without, it means your.

Here, the actual subject of the sentence is "novia", so we need to use "vive". Hope that helps!


As opposed to their other girlfriend?


Why can't you use vives and/or vive? Why is vive the chosen verb?


you're talking about where the girlfriend lives, not where "you" live


"He lives/she lives/it lives" is vive and "You live" is vives. :D


Bc vive is for he she or it lives vives is for you live


why can't it be de dónde instead of en dónde?? I know it gets into specifics but really it's the same thing isn't it?


Just learning myself but I'm pretty sure de donde translates as from where in this context, "de being "of or from" so such question would be asking where your girlfriend came from not where she is living now.


i dont understand why donde vive tu novia enspanola is not right


Dónde vive tu novia española? is accepted as correct on 21-Nov-2018.


Could be your misspelling of "española",tina102278? (only one "n")


I wrote "donde su novia de espanola vive" and it marked it as right, is this an awkward way to write it or just as good?


I agree with AzulyPlomo's opinion of your answer.

"¿Dónde su novia Española vive?" ....incorrect. But Duo is throwing you a bone.

They can understand you; but it sounds very strange.


No es igual de bueno. "Dónde su novia Española vive?" Te pueden entender pero suena muy raro.


I used a donde su... why not su?



You did not tell us exactly which Spanish sentence was rejected by Duolingo. But you told us that the next word of your Spanish sentence (after dónde) was su. Instead of su, the right word that should follow after "Dónde..." is a conjugated verb form such as vive. (Alternative verbs that might also work instead of vivir are conjugated forms of residir or habitar.)

This explains why your answer is wrong. The second word of your Spanish sentence is not a verb. Subject-Verb inversion is required after the interrogative adverb, "Dónde..."


I was told here in Mexico to use " de dónde" not just dónde alone



The particular preposition that the speaker chooses to include in the Spanish sentence will depend on the sentence.

  • En dónde ...

  • A dónde ...

  • De dónde ...

I just presented three different prepositions. There are actually more than three alternatives if we include the alternative of omitting the preposition. I am sorry; but you are going to have to acquire the skills that are necessary for you to choose which alternative or alternatives make sense in each Spanish sentence that you create. You can't always choose the same preposition every time. You can't always choose de if the Spanish sentences are different each time.

For example,

  • ¿En dónde trabaja?
    ― Where do you work?
    ― Where do you work at?

  • ¿De dónde es tu novia española?
    ― Where is your Spanish girlfriend from?


I thought it was "¿Dónde vive tu novia de española?". Is this wrong? If so, why?



Below, the correct Spanish sentence is shown. In comparison with your Spanish sentence, the only difference is one word. The extra word in your Spanish sentence is "de".

the correct Spanish sentence:
¿Dónde vive tu novia española?
― Where does your Spanish girlfriend live?

The word, de, is a common Spanish preposition. Prepositions are often followed by a noun. Or instead, they are followed by both a determiner and a noun.

For example:
novia de un español
― bride of a Spaniard
― girlfriend of a Spaniard


Why is ¿donde tu novia de español vivir? wrong. It exacly means, "Where does your spanish girlfriend live?"


In the imaginary world, don't you know?


I cnat tyoe accents but i am corret otherwise but i cant advance:;


Duolingo accepts answers that don't have accents. There must be something else wrong...i would guess spelling. Just a hunch.


whats the problem with using vive at the end of the statement, just like in the english sentence!!


Why is donde novia española vive wrong?


Why isnt it dónde tu novia española vive?


Why isn't it.. Dónde vives..? If it's "tu" I always thought it is tu vives... and el/ella vive? Can someone please explain


I used "su" because I didnt know whether the speaker was having a formal or informal interaction. I just erred on the side of caution and now it's wrong.


Whats worng with "donde esta vive tu novia espanola"


Why do we say where lives your spanish girlfriend... Intead of donde tu novia espanol vive? The order confuses me and i keep messing up on this


If i was asking my friend this, wouldn't it be vives? I was marked wrong.


This is very confusing this sentence cause its 4 flipped words. The order they would normally be in english


I wrote ¨A dónde vive tu novia española.¨

What´s wrong with this translation?


I'm hoping to get to Spain someday .i can't wait for someone to ask me this one


Why the below sentence is wrong? "¿Dónde tu novia española vive?"


Why not tus in this answer

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