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  5. "Yes, school is important."

"Yes, school is important."

Translation:Sí, la escuela es importante.

June 4, 2018



why is it "la escuela" and not just "escuela?"


The comments weren't really helping me much so I went searching and found this list of the rules. It helped me quite a bit. https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/using-the-definite-article-in-spanish


the list of the rules is still very helpful even in Nov. 2020. Thanks a lot!


Generally, nouns need the definite article. Spanish has its own grammar rules.


Is there a way in spanish to refer to a specific school, then? Basically, in English you can say "school is important", or "the school is important" and these mean totally different things. Is there a Spanish equivalent?


Perhaps "esa escuela" for "that [particular] school". That's a total guess. I really don't know.


You said "generally" which I take to mean it is not always the case. So, how do we know when the definite article is needed? It seems I have seen it both ways on the app and have yet to determine any rhyme or reason to it...


I had the same question. Duolingo is not always consistent on these translations.


It's referring to schools in general, in Spanish when referring to anything in general you would include the definite article This site is really handy: https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/using-the-definite-article-in-spanish "la escuela es importante" - school is important

"los gatos son inteligentes" - cats are intelligent


So how would someone say, “THE cats are intelligent”, using this grammar?


This is the only answer that made sense. Thanks.


Because it's talking about all schools in general, not one specific school.


I agree! The reason this rule is illogical is that it's not the same context as the translation. Something is wrong with this translation and rule.


I was wondering the same thing


From what I've gathered, any sort of broad concept, ie money, school, football etc, has to be referred to with the article when it is being spoken about. I hope that helps anyone!


In english these are two different meanings: 1. The school is important. 2. School is important.

The first implies the building, people that make up the school, et is important.

The second implies getting an education is important.

With "la" being required per duolingo does anyone know which meaning the spanish sentence was going for?


When to Use the Definite Article

  1. To Talk Things in General When talking about something in general, such as a type of food, music, book, etc. or a group of some sort, you'll use the definite article in Spanish.

La comida de México es deliciosa.

Mexican food is delicious.

Los gatos son inteligentes.

Cats are intelligent. https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/using-the-definite-article-in-spanish


yes, these rules helped already when M.Jzv76 told them here two years ago, but still in Nov. 2020 this is very helpfull. Thanks


Thank you for this link MJ -- https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/using-the-definite-article-in-spanish.
I did find somewhat of an answer prior to this link. It said that if you have a position (teacher, waiter, student...) that the "la" (or determiners/qualifiers) are not needed UNLESS you add an adjective - then it would become necessary.


Treke1, but there was not an adjective before the verb. I have heard when there is a profession used as a subject, we must do as they do & include the article, but "school" is just a noun. I usually forget for at least one round of the lesson, but ... oh, well!


I was caught out by this sentence, I didn’t use the article. I almost did but thought it probably wasn’t necessary in Spanish but I was wrong. Thank you for the tips and the link- very helpful.


When do you write Si vs. Sí? (w/o vs. w/ the accent)


this english should translate to "yes, the school is important"


That is one possible answer, but the given one isn't wrong.


It doesn't ask for the school


The point is the learn that Spanish requires that article.


I don't understand why la is next to a word starting with a vowel. Why wouldn't it be l'escuela?


because this isn't French, it's Spanish?

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