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Articles & Pronouns?

When do I need an article before my pronoun? Sometimes I get the answers wrong because I have an article and sometimes because I don't have have one! I can't figure out the pattern, please help! Thank you!

March 25, 2013

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(1)Subject pronouns: optional. Conjugations in Italian indicate who is doing what, so you don't have to use the subject pronoun if it isn't necessary.

  • (Lui) beve una birra/He drinks a beer
  • (Noi) leggiamo un libro/We read a book
  • (Loro) non mangiano/They do not eat

(2) For possessive pronouns, always use the article, keeping in mind exceptions explained in the 3rd point.

  • Abbiamo il vostro giornale/We have your newspaper
  • Scrivo il mio nome/I write my name
  • Non avete il suo cavallo/You do not have his horse

(3) With possessives + family members, the situation is different. Do not use the determinative article if the family member is singular or unmodified. If the family member belongs to loro then it is okay to use the article.

  • Mia madre cucina/My mother cooks (singular)
  • Nostro zio è a casa/Our uncle is at home (singular)
  • Le nostre sorelle leggono/Our sisters read (not singular, use article)
  • I miei figli mangiano/My sons eat (not singular, use article)
  • La mia zia più anziana è una brava cuoca/My oldest aunt is a great cook (modified, use article)
  • La loro figlia è bionda/Their daughter is blonde (loro, use article)

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