"This is for those dogs."

Translation:Toto je pro tamty psy.

June 4, 2018

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so is the neutral "toto" used here because what "this" is, is not defined?


Disclaimer: I'm learning, too, so this could be wrong...

I'd say that "toto" is probably used here instead of "to" because we are speaking about a particular (THIS) thing, which we are perhaps holding. The more familiar "To je" -- which we see a lot! -- would be "it is" or "that is."


My question is really getting at why is it "toto" over "tento" or "tato"? why is it gendered neutrally? I'm assuming because "this" is not specifically defined, and in that case a neutral demonstrative would make sense?? maybe?


Since we don't actually know what "this" is, I think the default would be to the neuter "toto" rather than to "tento" or "tato."


@BoneheadBass & @smoaking:

We use 'to' to refer to things that are not (yet) defined by nouns - often in questions or in defining statements. Neuter singular form is used in these cases. It corresponds to English 'it/this/that.'

'Toto' is used here instead of 'to' to strenghten the concept of 'proximity to the speaker' (cf. 'this' vs 'that'). The same rule of using neuter sg form applies.

Check Naughton's Essential Grammar, Ch. 5.4.4 for more info.


thank you! diky!


So... is "toto" for what is undefined and close enough to touch, while "tohle" is just out of reach to your hand and undefined, but close enough to point at?

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