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"¿Tú cuándo comenzaste a estudiar francés?"

Translation:When did you start studying French?

June 4, 2018



the interrogative 'cuándo' between subject and verb? What is going on here? Is this proper Spanish?


Yes, it's correct. In Spanish you can say:

  • ¿Cuándo comenzaste a estudiar francés?
  • ¿Cuándo tú comenzaste a estudiar francés?
  • ¿Tú cuándo comenzaste a estudiar francés?
  • ¿Cuándo comenzaste tú a estudiar francés?
  • ¿Cuándo comenzaste a estudiar francés tú?


Leave tu out it's redundant and annoying


"Tú" is used here as a sign of emphasis, and it's not annoying.


wow. thanks senior Martinez


When looking at these grammatically correct word order variations in Spanish, I suppose that English is no different in other example sentences, but not this particular one...


Cuando tu comenzaste a estudiar frances -- can it be this as well?


same question about the order where "cuando" was placed in the sentence


What about a translation: when did you start to study French? Is this proper Engish? UK or American? Thanks


Yes, it is proper English in Britain, North America and anywhere in the British Commonwealth.

But Spanish uses the infinitive (estudiar or "to study") to express what is often conveyed in English with a gerund ("ing" participle used as a noun or "studying"). So DL probably wants "start studying" here so we learn how that concept is expressed in Spanish (with an infinitive, estudiar).

Your version is a nice word-for-word translation, which works perfectly well with this sentence, but won't work with others. DL is trying to make sure we know to use infinitives instead of gerunds in Spanish.


The tú should go after cuándo or after the verb (for a conversational emphasis).


IMHO one can "study" a language, i.e analyze it, its workings, etc. and one can "learn" a language in the hope of acquiring sufficient knowledge to hold a conversation. In this instance I would hope the concerned individual (just like us) is trying to acquire enough knowledge of the language to someday speak it fluently. "When did you start learning French" should be accepted.


Sorry, but no. I don't disagree with the way you want to define the terms, but that's not the point. "When did you start learning French" requires a different verb.

When you play darts, I guess you think you should get points for hitting the waitress serving drinks near the target.

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