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  5. "Il remarque une fille."

"Il remarque une fille."

Translation:He notices a girl.

March 25, 2013



Suddenly the english term remarkable makes more sense to me... (as a compound word)


well, "remark" is a word in english too....


Yes, that's true, but when that comment was posted I was unfamiliar with that particular definition of it, which is no longer commonly used as far as I can tell, so there was a disconnect between "remark" and "remarkable" in my mind,


why is "he points out a girl" incorrect?


You have to be at least a little wary of some of the translations suggested by the dictionary. It can't tell context, so it can often be totally mistaken. In this case, "remarquer" can only mean "notice." In the context of "faire remarquer quelquechose à quelqu'un" (or in other words, to make someone notice something) it means "to point out."


"remarquer" as "to point out" will generally be followed by "... que ..." (to point out that), or will be used with "faire + remarquer" and an indirect personal pronoun:

  • Puis-je remarquer qu'il y a une jolie fille là-bas = May I point out that there is a pretty girl over there.

But this sounds quite formal. Whereas what follows is more commonly used:

  • Il me fait remarquer une jolie fille là-bas = [literally:] He makes me notice a nice girl over there = he points out a pretty girl (to me)


how can you tell the difference between un fil and une fille?


They are pronounced differently, and when it comes to issues of pronunciation, the best resource is probably forvo.com. It has recordings of native speakers saying many different words. Here are the pertinent links for this question:

fil: http://www.forvo.com/word/fil/#fr

fille: http://www.forvo.com/word/fille/#fr

Hope that helps!


With un fil, I would pronounce the French word "fil" kinda like I would pronounce the English word "feel" with a French accent. The 'L' at the end is pronounced.

With une fille, I would pronounce the "ill" with a 'Y' sound.


This is how it all starts.....


Why can't 'Ils rermarquent une fille' be correct <without a context>?


If you had it with the audio version, "Ils remarquent" should be accepted.


Is it alright to say: He spots a girl?


This should be in the flirting area.


Isn't "He notices one girl" also a correct translation?


Yes it should be. Report it if it isn't.


why not "recognizes" ?


Because "to recognize" and "to notice" are not synonyms. "He recognizes a girl" would be "Il reconnaît une fille".

[deactivated user]

    Is it possible to translate like that: "He notes a girl." ?

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