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My sweet golden owl, I missed you so.

II got the updated tree on Thursday, which meant I lost my golden owl and had to complete 59 new skills to get him back. Today I got him back, after a Duolingo marathon I never thought possible. All in all I love the new tree, there are a lot of new words and new sentences and for someone like me who's been on Duolingo for five years it was a much needed breath of fresh air.

Later this month will be the real challenge, going to Spain for the first time.

June 4, 2018



omg everyone here has like a 140 day streak, or more or maybe even a little less, and then there's me......

im such a noob


hey, im going to spain over the summer, too! wow! i hope you have a great time!


Hola Moonjoy - - have a couple of "lingots" to help you along. Keep going, you will get there!

Hola Moonjoy - - tiene un par de "lingots" para ayudarle en esta tarea. Siga intentándolo, lo conseguirá!

We were all "noobs" when we started, but a little Duolingo every day will get you ordering chicken, rice and elephants in no time.

Todos estábamos "noobs" cuando comenzamos, pero un poco cada día Duolingo te pidiendo pollo, arroz y elefantes en ningún momento.


(my blog about Duo, the owl and Spanish - - )


Have fun as well!


Keep working at it! One day at a time :)


Just keep plugging away and you'll be there before you know it. Good luck, Luna!


Just try to make sure you do at least one lesson a day. It really helps learning as well!


Wow! This is true love -- now you've got your owl back. Congrats to the two of you! :-)

(I'm also working on it, and I do a lot more Spanish than usual for this purpose, but it will certainly take some time.)

Yes, I also love the new tree. There is so much to discover and to strengthen. Have a great time in Spain! :-)


This is wierd - I got that updated tree for a few hours then it disappeared. Is this normal with an update?


congratulations on getting your golden owl back. But already here for 5 years? wow, that's pretty amazing. I was really wondering, do you feel like you're actually learning a language here during those years? I hear a lot of things about that. One says he learns nothing and the other says he does. So what are you thinking on this?


Well, it's not like I spent every day here for the last 5 years, I got my owl four years ago and ever since I come back once a year or so to refresh my memory. I do feel like I have a good grasp on the language but I need more practical experience, I can read and write on an acceptable level but I can barely talk or understand a conversation. I did use a few other resources and tricks to improve my Spanish and while Duolingo is the main resource I've used it is not the only one. For example, watching films and TV with Spanish subtitles really helped me to understand slang which Duolingo doesn't cover at all.

All in all I do consider myself quad-lingual which is not bad. (Russian, Hebrew, English, Spanish. In the order I learned them).


wow, you learned quite a few languages. Pretty cool you can speak Hebrew. I hope that I can speak more languages in the future then I do now.

My mother tongue is Dutch and I learned English and German in school, Now I'm trying to learn Korean and Spanish at the same time. I really like to learn more, so I'll be working on it.

Good luck with your future language learning plans!


So about the Golden Owl...you get this for completing the tree??? When I had enough Ingots, I used them to purchase a new outfit for my owl. However, I never knew where it was nor did I ever see what I purchased. I searched through the Discussions, etc, and never figured it out. Now when I go to the Shop, this option is no longer there. I'm just curious...


Yes, when you finish a language tree, there will be a little golden owl wearing a scarf in the colors of the language (for example, blue, white, red for French; red, yellow, red for Spanish). This owl sits at the foot of your language tree, i.e, close to the last skills you've acquired.

The outfit for the other owl (and that owl) can only be seen in the mobile app. I can't see it when I work in the web version of Duolingo. But when I do my lessons on my phone during my commute, it sometimes (every 5 to 10 sentences or so) appears with motivational messages: "5 in a row!", "You're the best!". and on these occasions, Duo the owl wears the suit that I've bought him. ;-)


Thank you! I guess I won't be seeing it for a while...a long while!


I got updated last week too and sadly lost my golden owl, but that must have been some marathon you did to complete 59 new skills! I still have a LONG way to go to get back my owl...Anyway, congrats to you! P.S. Have a nice trip to Spain! Buena suerte en tu espanol.


Thanks! I hope you get him back soon!


I've had the Spanish update with a shiny new tree.. But my boyfriend hasn't. Do you peeps know whether it's being gradually rolled out to everyone? We are learning spanish together & having 2 different trees is making it difficult!! Cheers :-)


From what I gather they either extend the updates to everyone or withdraw them from everyone, depending on how they're received. I assume this one will be extended to everyone eventually, but there doesn't seem to be any way to predict how long it will take. I'm well into the new Spanish tree but still waiting patiently on the French and Esperanto updates.


OK thanks for the info! Wow 3 languages is awesome :-)


How many skills are in the updated Spanish tree. I have 61 on mine (excluding bonus skills) and a golden owl. Am I about to lose it when I get an update?


There are 59 new skills, 7 updated skills that go back to crown level one instead of what you had before the update and 7 skills are completely deleted. (I might be wrong about the exact numbers but I think they're correct). You need to get all the skills to crown level 1 or higher to get the golden owl back.


Thanks everyone! What a great community!


No new tree yet. Might be something to jumpstart me for the summer months. Congrats on getting your owl back!


Congrats! Let us know how the trip goes. I'm always curious when people try to field test their Duo skills.

I was in the final stretch of the tree when the new skills showed up right in the middle. I'm trying to burn through 1-3 of the "new" new skills a day while progressing through 1 of the "old" new skills, if that makes sense. Slow going!


no offence but its kinda funny


I lost my owl too and I'm SAD! I'm trying really hard to get him back!


A golden owl?! How do you get one?


You need to get at least to crown level one on all lessons. (Or finish all lessons if you still don't have the crown system).

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