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A New Spanish Voice

So, I was just starting with the new "Restaurant 2" skill from the new Spanish tree update, and one of the sentences had a new female voice; it was pretty different from the usual female voice, and it spoke faster and had more of an accent. Have any of you guys heard this voice yet?

EDIT: When doing the first "Restaurant" skill, trying to upgrade it from level one to level two, I heard the voice again, on the "Uno, dos, tres" sentence, but when I clicked on the discussion about it, all the people were complaining about the pronunciation. The audio on the page I linked is atrocious; it's a good thing it's replaced in the lesson. Anyway, just another place I heard the new voice.

June 4, 2018



Yes, I did notice it very sometimes it pops up. I actually like the new voice :)


Yeah, I liked it too! It was slightly faster, therefore slightly harder to understand, but it sounded like it was a more authentic accent; it really sounded Spanish!


No, but I'll try and see if I can!


Are you sure? I did the four lessons and it was the same voices. The only problem was "patatas" ;)


Yep, and it seems one other person has as well. Are you sure you did "Rest. 2"? (I ask this because I had to edit it later, because I originally thought it was the first "Restaurant" skill.) Also, I think I heard it twice. . . . (By the way, I was just on level 0.)


Yes, "Rest. 2". I did the 4 lessons from level 0 to 1. There were a male voice and a female voice, the same voice I've heard before the new tree.


Hm, interesting. Maybe not everyone has the new voice yet. Well, I guess just keep listening and see if you hear it; I really like the new voice!

[deactivated user]

    Love the new voice! A bit harder to understand, more challenging.


    I think I heard it for maybe one question... Thought it was strange though. Hope I get it again...It's probably good practice

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