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Duo does listen to us!

I got this in my email and it made my day:

Hallo slamRN,

Du hast “It is not yet your turn” als Übersetzung für “Du bist noch nicht dran.” vorgeschlagen. Wir akzeptieren diese Übersetzung jetzt.

Danke für deinen Beitrag. Mach weiter so!

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June 4, 2018



There was a time when it was signed by the moderator who accepted it. I don't know why they removed that.


Interesting, I have gotten 1 or 2 emails before. I think one of them was to complain about something I said that was not PC. I do not remember that being signed but that was quite awhile ago.


I got a similar massage a couple of weeks ago. Obviously they read what we write. It's only once in a while, but sometimes they answer to our requests.

Thumbs up for the owl


Did you notice my owl? I have 2 of them now.


Ah, schön! In beiden Richtungen also: En-De und De-En, nicht wahr? Gut gemacht! :-)


Ja; und danke.


Someone was probably going through submitted reports today. I also got 2 emails about suggestions being accepted, including the same sentence you reported as well. My accepted suggestion was basically the same thing as yours, but with the contraction. "It's not yet your turn."

I was also happy to see that they finally accept "The sky is falling." for "Der Himmel fällt.", as they used to require "The sky is falling down."

Whoever went through the suggestions lately, thank you.


Schließlich änderten sie "The sky is falling down;" wo sonst würde es fallen? Gute Arbeit!


Hallo slamRN,

Ja, diese Erfahrung habe ich auch schon gemacht.

Wenn ich etwas weiß, dann schreibe ich einen Report (leider passiert es mir auch manchmal, dass mir sofort beim Abschicken klar wird, dass ich doch nicht recht habe ... blush). Na, wir tun unser Bestes!



Quote: Duo does listen to us!

This would imply that the staff (at the HQ) of DuoLingo listens to us.

Your above "accepted sentence example" only says, that a volunteer course contributor / moderator accepted your sentence translation (Incubator), not offical staff!!

However, this does NOT necessarily mean, that staff like "business developers", backend and frontend programmers and quality assurance people necessarily follow some advise or (some / important) suggestions from their userbase - incl. change- and bug requests.

Honestly, I sometimes do not have the impression, that they do for most of the threads and requests which have been made (e.g crown update vs delayed (put back) rollout, crown as opt-in A/B test vs forced rollout, missing features, bugs, etc.).

Often I get the personal feeling, that they are not even reading the threads or bug reports and suggestions especially with no available Open Source public tracking system (or their team simply is a bit too small to handle the millions of user database).
Ich würde Deine obige Pauschalaussage deshalb so generell nicht für jegliche Belange - insbesondere für die DuoLingo Mitarbeiter vom HQ in den USA - unterschreiben wollen. Sorry.


Oh, zweifelnd Thomas, du bist definitiv eine Persönlichkeit vom Typ A. ;-)


Auf Deutsch heißt der Figur "kleingläubiger Thomas" oder "ungläubiger Thomas". ;) Nice use of Partizip I, but remember that Germans rarely use this form in real life.


zweifelnder Thomas, oder auch deutsche Kurzform: "Realist"

Ich habe die Tage erst wieder tolle Funktionalitäten gesehen, die es im 2016 UI Frontend gab, jedoch im neuen "Crown Overlay" fehlen.
Doch dazu werde ich, sobald der Zeitpunkt (besser) passt, einen neuen Thread mit einem Screenshot eröffnen, auf was ich genau gestoßen bin...

And now back to my updated Portuguese tree....some converted skills are still missing a test-out to get my duome.eu SHOF progress back to 100% working ;)

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Only sadly, this is not an answer from Duolingo but from one of the course contributors = volunteers. It's cool to know that someone is listening though, I know :-)


But isn't this how Duo works, with contributors, it helps keep it free.

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Sure, this will improve the course. But if Duolingo as a company/platform really listened to us, it would fix the site bugs that people keep reporting (and I don't mean wrong or missing translations here), it would give us a way to contact other users, it would give us older users a chance to switch back to the pre-crown system,... and many other things. In this way, I am afraid, Duolingo is not listening to us :-(


Congratulations on your two golden owls. I'm not even half way through the German tree yet. Someday I hope to have them too!


Danke sehr. Du wirst dorthin kommen.


Over the years I have received quite a number of messages of this kind. Sometimes it seems to take a long time. With millions of users, I've wondered if there isn't some automation involved. I could imagine that if only one occurrence of a contested translation is in the system, nothing happens. And that it gets sent to a person who makes the final decision only if there are multiple requests for the same things . All this is just speculation, of course.


Well how Duolingo sends messages is by just telling the computer to send it to everyone.


I have never gotten an email from Duolingo before, and I gave them my email. :/

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