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  5. "Yo no tengo mi cartera."

"Yo no tengo mi cartera."

Translation:I don't have my purse.

June 4, 2018



Wallet should be accepted


So is this "purse" in the UK use of the word (small receptacle for money, credit cards) or the US use of the word (a smallish bag ie, what I, in my small neck of the woods, would call a handbag)? The comments indicate it's the small receptacle for money/credit cards but an earlier picture was of a handbag.


Yes, in the UK a purse is a small wallet for money, credit cards etc. A handbag is a bag used by women for their purse, hairbrush, lipstick, diary etc. A handbag in British English translates to Purse in American English.


Although growing up I did hear "handbag" being used in parts of the Northeast USA by older people.


Where I come from a "purse" is a handbag, where one might keep cosmetics, perhaps a small calendar, a handkerchief, maybe a shopping list, one's keys to house and car, etc, and certainly a billfold for cash, credit cards, perhaps family pictures, and driver's license; maybe also library card, blood donor's card, car insurance card...


"I don't have my purse..." In a man voice lol


Cartera is also a wallet.


Voice to text - "Yo no tengo mi cartera" Duolingo - "Michael Cera"


They should allow "do not" instead of just "don't". They are the same thing


Billfold is a synonym and should be accepted. I reported it.


I have met many people from all over the world. today was the first I have heard of billfold. I have to question how common this word is...


I think "billfold" is just a word from an older generation but still acceptable. My grandparents in the southwestern US and their peers commonly used it.


Billfold is extremely common USA English, and my preferred word...


It is very well used in the North American area.


I don't think anyone uses billfold. Purse and wallet are the only ones that are accepted and rightfully so.


I disagree. While I don't personally use it MANY people I know do.


Hooray! It accepted handbag.


I am Polish and in school I learned, that "I don't have" = "I have not". But in the system " I have not" is uncorrect...


That's not really how it works. You can't say:

I have not my passport.

It is incorrect. When working with helping verbs, they are used in a similar way, but they aren't interchangeable.

I have not worked.

I did not work.

You don't use the same form of the verb with did and have.


I understand. If verb "have" means "to own" I don't use form "I have not something", but only "I don't have something". I can use "I have not" only in some of past tenses as modal verb.


I guess Duo thought he'd include a phrase for if you run into a mugger. Good bold faced lie lol


So I'm having a problem with pronunciation of cartera. The sentence read says it as car-terra. The individual word reads it as cart-ERa. Does it matter which?


The woman seems to accent 'cartera' on the first syllable. If this is correct, why isn't it given an accent mark, like 'cártera'?


I used wallet y no acepto?


It now accepts wallet


It was accepted today, August 6th.


Duolingo should add 'a murse' as a man purse!


The English words for " carterra" are bag, purse and wallet. I used wallet and was marked as incorrect.


Really? Does Spanish really not distinguish between these three very different objects?


I wrote "i have not" instead "i don't have" ? And it is wrong ?


It didn't accept wallet tonight


I got it right, but it said it was wrong.


I wrote the exact correct answer and it said it was wrong. I took a screenshot.


I'm English, which is what I expect the translations to provide. The programme should take account of the differences between English and American usage. Purse is what one carries money in, usually female, equivalent to a man's wallet (accepting gender specific usage of course) a handbag is what the pictures show, i.e. Where the purse may be carried?


That's a very entitled attitude to have for a free language learning website. This American company uses American English for their course. They try to include British English, but sometimes miss a few.

You can report it with the report button, but don't act they owe it to you in a free course.

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