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I reached crown level 100 in Chinese!

Next up: Conquer the tree.
Does anyone have any motivating thoughts?

Edit: I'm now at Crown level 400.


See my last post.
June 4, 2018



Well done! That certainly motivates ME :)


Amazing! How do you feel about learning Chinese?


It's tough but it's worth it!


Wow, congratulations. I'm trying to learn Chinese on Duolingo myself, and I find it much harder due to the change in alphabet. Any tips for me if possible?

And for motivating thoughts, it takes a lot of time and patience to get to where you are now, so don't put it all to waste and throw it away. Always keep practicing, because although you've obviously put in so much effort, there's still a lot more to go.


Thanks! Chinese doesn't have an alphabet just characters that are made up of radicals. These radicals can give a clue as to the character's pronunciation and meaning. About one percent of characters are pictographic, which means that they are modeled to look like what they represent (for example, 日 is sun).

About half of all characters have half or part of the character show the pronunciation. Remember 哥 as in 哥哥?Well, 歌 is pronounced the same way. It means 'song'. +1 Lingot


Just as "alphabet" is not the right word for a writing system like Chinese, "radical" is also not the right word, even though many people use both of these words technically wrongly.

Characters are made up of one or more components. A lot of characters have a semantic component and a pronunciation component. But many don't. A long time ago, each character was classified in a way that allows them to be sorted in a predictable order, looked up in a dictionary, etc. As part of this each character was assigned a "radical". The word "radical" means "root" and is similarly used in this respect to the word "index" in English. Anyway, often the chosen radical is the same as the character's semantic component. But a lot of the time it's not. Sometimes the radical is the entire character. Sometimes the radical is not really a separate part of the character but is a single stroke or even not really an obvious part of the character. It can be a bit arbitrary.


Looks just like the sun

[deactivated user]

    i made a set on tinycards for the characters in the duolingo chinese course: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/collections/2D6ckLba/duolingo-chinese


    不错不错,继续加油! 多说多练,中文会越来越有意思的~


    我知道 : ) 谢谢你的灵感.


    any tips for people like me who want to learn this language?


    Start and then don't stop.

    There is no magic. There are no tricks. It is not even particularly difficult (except for the characters and maybe the tones). It just takes a really, really long time. Think of it like a hike from one end of Europe to the other. Don't think of it as a marathon or as mountain climbing.


    Don't use this app, use Chineseskill or Hello Chinese


    Excellent! See you at the top!


    Top of the tree? Sure! Technically the bottom though : P


    woah what's with the year old bump


    It's where they change the forum topic the a different forum, it still shows up as new.

    [deactivated user]

      Hooray!! Congrats!


      For motivation try doing another languages to relax of your main goal. My main goal when I started duolingo was to improve my german, I ended up learning some other languages in the process.


      My main goal when I started duolingo was to improve my german, I ended up learning some other languages in the process.

      'Some' other languages? Looks like a ton! Congrats on reaching a high level in all of those!


      but which are the languages that you really concentrated on ..I presume it is german, french, spanish and swedish! (but i cannot just presume just by looking at levels as someone at level 12 could be near fluent by practicing through other means!




      congrats ..keep it up

      now i think, you have reached your potential (if you have completed the tree) and now i would suggest you to try the 'lab' (to complete stories) ..before it gets boring

      But, it is a great achievement...considering you are learning chinese which is a lot different to european langauges...


      Unfortunatelly there are no Chinese stories yet


      Hopefully there will be soon. Check out my post here about it if you're interested.




      great one,congrats!


      Um... motivational quote?

      Seriously though, great job!


      Good work¡¡¡ What do you want to say wenn you writes 100 and not 25?, are you a special member??? jajaja, it´s a joke... To me learn chinese will be imposible at this moment, I have not time, my priority is the german language and I also need to practice my other courses. Well done¡¡¡ congratulations.


      You are opening the door to over one billion Chinese native speakers.


      YaY gOoD jOb!!!!


      Wow, that is so impressive! I can't wait till I get to that level in one of my languages. Maybe try listening to Chinese radio or youtube channels.


      Wow, That's high! Congratulations

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