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Rugby Union in Spain

I love Rugby Union & have tried to find translations for the positions (Forwards, Hooker, Flankers, Locks etc) & terms (Scrum, Maul, Ruck, Lineout, Try, Conversion etc) of this beautiful game but in vain. Is there anyone out there in Spain who can help me out?

Also, this is what Google translated for the above. Does it sound right?

Me encanta Rugby Union y he tratado de encontrar traducciones para los puestos (Forwards, Hooker, Flankers, Locks, etc.) y términos (Scrum, Maul, Ruck, Lineout, Try, Conversion, etc.) de este hermoso juego, pero en vano. ¿Hay alguien en España que pueda ayudarme?

Can't wait ;)


PS any links to Spanish Rugby would be appreciated.

June 4, 2018



I don't know about Spain specifically, but I watch rugby matches commentated by Argentinians, and I've notice that a lot of the terms related to the game remain untranslated, this is a list of a few words I could find:

  • Prop = Pilar
  • Hooker = Talonador (Spain) / Hooker (Latin America)
  • Lock = Segunda línea
  • Flanker = Flanker (Spain) / Ala (Latin America)
  • Number eight = Número ocho / Octavo / Tercera línea
  • Scrum-half = Medio melé (Spain) / Medio scrum (Latin America)
  • Fly-half = Apertura / Medio Apertura
  • Wing = Ala (Spain) / Wing (Latin America)
  • Centre = Centro
  • Full-back = Zaguero (Spain) / Fullback (Latin America)
  • Scrum = Melé (Spain) / Scrum (Latin America)
  • Conversion = Conversión

Other words like maul, ruck, lineout, and try remain the same in Latin America, I don't know if they do in Spain.

Regarding the translation, rugby union is simply known as 'rugby' (or 'rugbi') in Spanish, so change the first sentence to "Me encanta el rugby", also you should say "los términos" with the article, the rest is fine.


Muchas gracias.

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