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  5. "¿Dónde vive tu hijo?"

"¿Dónde vive tu hijo?"

Translation:Where does your son live?

June 4, 2018



This is my personal icebreaker question


I accidentally translated exactly with "where lives your son", and wonder why they wouldnt take it. If someone said that to me, I'd know what they meant.


It accepted "where does your son live" for me on 9-26-18


How come it's not Donde vives tu hijo? I thought tu always goes with vives, quieres, with a "s"


A bit late, but I'll comment this just in case anyone else has this question. The reason the word "vivir" is conjugated (to change a verb's form to fit different persons, tenses, etc.) as "vive" and not "vives" is because tu is just a possessive adjective modifying hijo, not the subject (which would be tú, with an accent). Hijo is the actual subject. Imagine if the sentence were "¿Dónde vive el hijo?" ("Where does the son live?"). In that case, it's easier to see that "hijo" is the actual subject. In both cases, the son is the one doing the action being asked about, not "you."


I was like "Where do your children live?" because "where does your child live" didn't really come to mind. But got wrong ;-;


I wrote where do your kids live and also got it wrong..


JohnPorter and Alisha, listen for the plurals if you want to say or write "children" or "kids," because the noun hijo and the possessive tu both change to tus hijos for more than one child.


Why is the verb before the the subject here? Why isn't it "¿dónde tu hijo vive?" Is it correct?


It is correct. It's just how there language is but don't feel bad I mess up too.


Coming from a creep


I clearly hear the "v"s being pronounced as "v"s, and not "b"s-- is this difference in how to pronounce "v" just a regional thing? If so, mayve I won't put as much effort into rememvering that "v" is supposed to ve pronounced like a "b".


I said where do your son lives? And git it wrong why?


Where lives your son.... should have worked I think


it sounds phedophile


Where does live your son? is that way incorrect? Danke!


Yes, [Where does live your son?] is incorrect.


why bro, could u explain me? 'Cause i'm a native speaker of portuguese, thank's. ;D


Generally in questions that start with question words (interrogatives), the word order is interrogative + helping (auxiliary) verb + subject + main verb. El sujeto está entre el verbo auxiliar y el verbo principal:
Where do you study? ¿Dónde estudias?
When does he arrive? ¿Cuándo llega él?
What is she doing? ¿Qué hace ella?
Why do they say that? ¿Por qué dicen eso?
Where does your father work? ¿Dónde trabaja tu padre?
How are your sister's children feeling? ¿Cómo se sienten los hijos de tu hermana?


I didn't know that I found it very interesting I am also brazilian. Thanks


I should say its the same meaning but its not how we use it in english. DL is to strict in the translation to english. This isnt a english course

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