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When is it proper to use "muro" instead of "pared"?

Hello I just came a cross muro in another post. It is the first time I have ever seen the word used.

What I would like to know is "muro" a word used across the Spanish language or is it a regional word?

As I am more familiar with "pared" when it come to the representation of wall.

¡Gracias por ayudarme!

¡Buena suerte, con sus estudios!

June 4, 2018



It depends on context, country and person but generally speaking, "pared" is the wall of a house, specially the inner side, and "muro" is another type of wall, specially concrete walls around properties. The Great Wall in China is "la (Gran) Muralla" or "la Muralla China"., the album by Pink Floyd is "El Muro" and "the walls have ears" is "las paredes tienen oídos/las paredes oyen".


Great reference to Pink Floyd!

Enjoy a Lingot and thank for teaching me something new.


As others have mentioned, Pared is an interior wall, and muro is like, larger, wall. When you hear Mexican news talk about Trump's stupid wall, and how they won't pay for it, they say "muro".


"Muro" is technically the same as "pared", except that in Spanish it is used to refer only to a single piece. In Spanish it is proper to say "El Muro de Berlín", since "La pared de Berlín" is badly said only just for elegance

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