"She has many jackets and she wears them all."

Translation:Ella tiene muchas chaquetas y las usa todas.

5 months ago



Shouldn't lleva puesto be excepted as well

3 months ago


They marked my answer "Ella tiene muchas chaquetas y ella las usa todas" wrong.

5 months ago

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Es cierto que no es incorrecto, pero yo, como español, te aconsejo que el segundo 'ella' no lo pongas ya que nadie (nativo) lo pone.

2 weeks ago


You are correct and you should mark it as such

2 months ago

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Ella may be needed at the beginning of the sentence for clarity but it is obvious that “she” wears the jackets and is therefore not required in the second part.

3 months ago


The second "she" is not required in English either: "She has many jackets and wears them all" is correct, and the second "she" is just for emphasis, so is it wrong in the Spanish translation?

2 months ago

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That's what I thought too. You don't need "she" in the latter part of the sentence in either language, but if DL puts it there in English then it should be correct to put it there in Spanish.

1 month ago

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Why is the word order important here? I had "y usa las todas". I don't mind being wrong, but I'd like to know why.

2 months ago



The object(s) used by the person must come before the verb unless the verb is used in its full form.

Lo tengo = I have it

Los quiere = he/she wants them or you (formal) want them

Debo tenerlo = I must have it (tener it its full form because debo already assigns who the verb belongs to)

Ella puede usarlos = She can use them / She can wear them

Hope that helps.

2 months ago


Why is "todas las usa" not accepted, I understand in Spanish word order is kind of optional?

2 months ago


It actually depends on the country, but Duolingo does not recognise them all. That's why something you could've said right, Duolingo will mark it as if it was wrong.

1 month ago


Llevar puesto, wearing it. passt au

2 months ago


It did not accept "chamarras", or it did not accept "pone"

1 week ago


I'm a native speaker and I used 'ella tiene muchas chaquetas y las lleva todas' I was rejected because I didn't say usa instead of lleva.. REALLY?

1 week ago
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