"Is he a student?"

Translation:¿Él es estudiante?

4 months ago



Where is 'un' for 'a' ?

4 months ago

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English requires an article before a person's profession/occupation, and Spanish does not.
You will be more likely to see it before an occupation modified by an adjective: Es un estudiante muy inteligente.

4 months ago


Why 'es' not 'esta'? Being a student isn't permanent

3 months ago


I'm just learning Spanish but i believe it's because the verb "to be" has 2 verbs in Spanish. "Ser" conjugates to "él es" and "estar" conjugates to "él esta."

I believe "ser" is used for objective things, occupations, and identity. "Estar" might be for more conditional, emotional things. Look into it more for clarification

2 months ago


The difference between ser and estar is more complicated than that. Remember instead "Ser = DOCTOR" and "Estar = PLACE". "Student" is considered an occupation, and occupations are covered by ser.

More on Ser vs Estar: https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/ser-vs-estar

Image: Ser vs. Estar
Image: https://i.imgur.com/xhsBLG0.jpg

4 weeks ago


My english grammar stinks so I'm only guessing it's because the subject is student and not the person.

3 months ago


Usually es or any other form of ser for that matter describes occupation or permanent/semipermanent description whereas esta refers to a characters emotions or location (usually impermanent things)

3 weeks ago


Ser talks about physical characteristics (tall, short, thick, thin, rubio,etc) occupation (doctor, nurse, fireman,etc) Estar- Proposition (debajo de, cerca de, lejos de, etc) emotion (mal, feliz, cansado, etc) civic state (married, divorced, single)

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It should accept un even if its not "required".

1 month ago


Translation states ; he IS a student; but question is asking ;IF he is a student; I put ;es el estudiante.

3 weeks ago

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It's an unnatural word order.

2 weeks ago
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