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Spanish strength score dropping after tree conversion

It appears to me that my strength score on duome is now artificially low due to all the new purple skills not being "practiced" enough while they are still at crown level 0.

That is, the system is recognizing unlocked skills as "weak" even though they are not yet really in my sphere of learning.... or at least I don't consider them as such until I initiate lessons there.

Am I understanding "strength" correctly? I think I may need to ignore this as a meaningful metric for a while.

June 5, 2018



I think I may need to ignore this as a meaningful metric for a while.

Duolingo is always tinkering and crunching data on how useful each change is in increasing or decreasing the effectiveness on learning via the courses. So, I recommend if it doesn't help you, ignore the feedback it gives you and just focus on the things that help you learn. The only thing constant about Duolingo's learning interface is change. :)


Sage advice, thanks.


Are those purple crown level L0 Spanish skills on your SHOF progress page https://duome.eu/JoeLearning/progress all NEW?

If there are some (old) skills "converted" which have been previously in the Spanish tree but you see the "+x lesson" red mark on the right side of the skill name - like I experienced the new English-Portuguese A/B tree for many of my old skills myself - I would want to suggest you this:

  • Do a single skill test-out by adding "/test" to the opened skill URL.
  • Firstly focus only on the old skills (if there are any).
  • Secondly focus on new skills: You are free in choice if you want to do a single skill test-out, or if you rather go sequentially session-by-session (for new content / new words, new grammar).

To get the http://duome.eu progress page 100% working again, you need to follow the UI 2016 pre-crown lesson design, as a tree update usually resets 1-2 pre-crown variables (especially true for A/B test trees; tree conversion has not truly been re-engineered for the crown update and the SHOF code has not been fixed to use only the crown variables (which I believe is still a good thing as it is still compatible with the still working "whitelist workaround" and UI 2016 frontend).
Your updated Spanish tree looks different than my Portuguese tree where the update clearly corrupted many (not all) of my pre-crown lesson data in my extended user profile; so many crown level L2 skills additionally had the red "+x lesson" mark on the SHOF page, even only a few skills had been converted back to purple crown level L0.
Reason could be, that e.g 1-2 words have been added which is no reason.
The offical tree on my www.duolingo.com "Home" web portal was ok...but what helps this?

Most purple (L0) skills in my updated Portuguese tree are NEW skills which have been added to the new tree or because of a reorganization of the previous content: words / grammar have been splitted, sub-divided across X 1-4, Y 1-4 skills etc..

Thankfully, you can test out any skills to crown level L1, which makes IMHO mainly sense for purple L0 skills (replaces the process of having to go through all lessons / sessions sequentially); currently testing out L2-L4 skills won't give you any (XP / crown) credit (a crown feature exclusively to be developed in the future)!

But you will not reach a higher crown level than L1!
So if you know, that you remember the skill content very well, I want to encourage you to do the test-out and not to do ALL single lessons (sessions) for those skills one-by-one.

If a skill is pretty weak for you, e.g 25% strength, you may want to decide to do all lessons (pre-crown) or sessions (crown) by re-starting the skill sequentially.
If you test-out, this will - according to my experience with my updated Portuguese tree - also re-strengthen a single skill!
However, more than two people complained on the "Crown FAQ" thread and others, that their new Spanish tree contains now 58 (converted) purple crown L0 skills and that they can simply not handle it going sequentially through all lessons/sessions, just to get them back to crown levels L2/L3.
MANY old Spanish skills seem to have been reset from L2/L3 to L0 (which is not the case for my updated Portuguese tree which has another problem with the duome.eu progress page and conflicting data, which I can easily resolve by test-out)?!?


I updated my text and also added more details.


Wow, thanks for the good detail and for presenting options! I will dig into this tonight.


Since the new Spanish tree is mostly a re-organization of prior material, most of the "new" skills contain items that you have already encountered. Therefore, they are categorized as skills that you have started but not finished (purple) rather than skills you have not yet started (grayed out).

On the plus side, you will finish those purple skills rather rapidly because you have a head start and most of them have only 4 lessons. You probably won't have to do all 4 lessons for some of them. On the minus side, for the next 6 months or more they will decay rapidly.


This explains a lot, thanks!


Crowns is a new way to increase the amount of time and effort to get anything done.


Can you explain this to me?

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