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¡Dedos Cansados!

When you are really tired and your fingers are on auto-pilot, what stubborn typing mistakes do they make in DL exercises?

My tired fingers do lots of annoying things, but these are tops:

  • "you" instead of "yo" (this was CONSTANT in the beginning)
  • "my" instead of "mi"

I am proud to have retrained my fingers quite a bit... but when they are tired all bets are off!

June 5, 2018



I start writing in the wrong language.

It will ask me to translate “es mi gato” into English and I will just type it in spanish again.

Or write “it is my gato” combiningthe languages.


Oh, that bit of Spanglish made me laugh!


I do the exact same thing!


I translate audios :P


I do that too! lol


I do my/mi constantly, and I also translate the audios since that's kind of what I'm doing in my head anyway.


I do my/mi a lot, and en/in. I do duo before I go to bed so I'm usually tired :/ but that's when I've gotten in the habit of doing it. Maybe I should start when I wake up instead.


Ah yes, en/in is a big one here also.

I read somewhere that studying before bed aids retention. I guess it's a trade-off. :)


I constantly write is for es when I'm in autopilot mode, it can get quite frustrating. I usually take a 5 minute break, seems to do the trick.

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