"I neither read nor write."

Translation:Eu não leio nem escrevo.

March 25, 2013

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What about "Eu nem leio nem escrevo."? How would you translate it and is it correct?


not wrong, less usual though.


muitíssimo obrigado :)


Is it the same in Portugal?


I got it right, one thing that throws me off is the double negative, just makes me think more. Could it be correct of I write, Eu não nem leio nem escrevo.


You can't use the together. Only não or nem here.


In the translation of "she eats neither chicken nor fish" both nao and nem are used. What is the difference here?


No difference:

  • Neither... nor... = não... nem/nem... nem


That doesn't make sense. Above you said that "You can't use them together".


Sorry. I meant you can't use "não nem" (one right beside the other).


The translation of "she eats neither chicken nor fish" was "ela não come nem frango nem peixe".

Isn't that a double negative? That sentence uses não.. nem.. nem. I don't see the difference between that and this sentence


if you're using the negative of a verb, in that you do not do that, you then use nem to negate the second verb, but não for the first verb? but if youre doing nouns "i dont drink milk or beer" you say "eu não bebo nem leite nem breja" ?


It doesnt matter if ti is a verb or noun. The first is always não and the following is nem, even if it is more than one. (Liked your breja....heeheh)


Another sentence I don't know he or she Eu não conheço ele ou ela Eu não conheço ele e nem ela Eu não conheço nem ele e nem ela Eu nem conheço ele ou ela


In a previous question, "she drinks neither water nor milk" was translated to "ela não bebe nem agua nem leite" so i was expecting this to translate to "eu nem leio nem escrevo". Can you help me understand my mistake?


As you stated, it is "Não... nem... nem...". The first word is "Não".

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