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"Hoy me pongo la chaqueta marrón."

Translation:Today I am putting on the brown jacket.

June 5, 2018



I am putting on the brown jacket today is marked as wrong. I wonder why. Does it not convey the same meaning as the original answer?


I think it does. And, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that 'today' can go on either end of the sentence for both English and 'hoy' can go on either end of the sentence for español without changing the meaning.


Indeed it does!


Yeah, but you're meant to translate it. Not write the equivalent sentence.

If it says "today" first, and that makes perfect sense in English, then be faithful to the text.


I thought "wearing" was a fair translation for "me pongo"


"Wearing" is a very loose connotative translation that is less precise than the "putting on" translation.


The two meanings tend to overlap, if you're wearing something it's because you put it on. Poner can be translated as either in my opinion.


So what, both seem to give the same information in this context.


That's like saying "the sun is out" and "it's daytime" are close enough. We are trying to translate the sentence as closely as possible, not just approximate the meaning behind each sentence.


Duolingo isn't asking for synonyms, It's asking for the translation of the words in the sentence.


You are right. It's a more common usage.


In English we generally say "wearing" unless we are putting something on at that moment, like "wait a sec, I have to put on my jacket" as opposed to "I'm wearing my jacket to dinner tonight." But Duolingo hasn't taught "wearing" yet, so should I assume that in Spanish it is more common to say "putting on" than "wearing" when referring to something one isn't actually wearing already?


Yes, that's the case. If you're making plans to wear something, you're rather going for "Hoy me pongo..." than "Hoy llevo..."

"To wear" is llevar, vestir, or simply usar.


"Today I am putting on my brown jacket." should be correct. I reported it.


But the spanish says the jacket not my jacket hence marked wrong it is do easy to miss the little differences in the sentences which sometimes makes it hard to see where one has gone wrong


Today (7/30/2018) Duo provided that as their answer--I assume that means they now accept it.


As of 9/7/2018 they still don't accept "Today I put on my brown jacket".


And, as of 10 Nov 2018, "Today I'm putting on my brown jacket" is not accepted. I guess we have to continue reporting.


"Hoy me pongo la chaqueta marrón." The word is "the" not "my".


True BUT... personal objects as well as body parts usually use the definite article but "mean" the personal pronoun.

"Ella lleva la cartera a la tienda." Actually means "She takes her purse to the store."

"A ella le duele la pierna." Actually means "Her leg hurts." Or "Her leg is hurting her."


Bruce, it would be "A ella le duele la pierna". The leg is hurting her, not itself.


Brain fart. Gracias. Corrected.


why do you need the 'me' if pongo conveys all you need to know about the action?


I can put the jacket on my son or daughter, too. The "me" makes it definitely reflexive


I am putting on has been given as me llevo puesto and me pongo. Which to use?


Ponerse/"me pongo" is used when you're talking about dressing yourself. "Llevar puesto" means that you're currently wearing it. ("I wear it put (on me)".)

[deactivated user]

    Today I put on the brown jacket. Is it wrong because it's past tense?


    "Put" can be present or past tense, but it sounds a bit off if you use the simple present with one-time actions. "I am putting on" would be better.


    am i the only person confused that it translates to an "ing" verb in english although there is no such thing in spanish?


    No, you're not the only one. :)

    Although Spanish also has a progressive form for verbs, it prefers to use the simple present. Unlike English, which has tight restrictions on when to use the simple and progressive forms, using the Spanish progressive is completely optional and usually only done if the action is in progress at this moment and if that progress is somehow important.


    Hold up I was taught that brown in Spanish is "cafe" my parents were born and raised in Mexico and Spanish is my first language, correct me please


    Why is it not "Hoy estoy poniendo la chaqueta marrón"?


    Because you used the verb poner instead of the reflexive ponerse.


    Sscash, additionally, you'd only say this sentence while you're in the middle of putting on your jacket. The Progressive form is only used if the event is in progress.


    This English translation is not what one would normally say. One would say, rather, "Today I am wearing the brown jacket."


    I believe it should accept today wherever it makes sense in the sentence

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