"Мой дедушка боится собак."

Translation:My grandfather is afraid of dogs.

June 5, 2018



собак appears to be genitive, rather than animate accusative. Katzner's dictionary says that the "objects" (to be feared) of бояться are in genitive case.

That raises a question: can Russian direct objects be genitive? Feared things (animate or inanimate) are direct objects in English, but since they're not in Accusative in Russian, are they actually direct objects - or something else?

If they're not direct objects, then what are they?

March 21, 2019


"My grandfather afraids of dogs" is it wrong? Это тоже правильно по моему

June 5, 2018


"Afraid" can't be a verb. "My grandfather fears dogs" is OK, though less natural.

June 5, 2018
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