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  5. "Who ate my cheese sandwich?"

"Who ate my cheese sandwich?"

Translation:¿Quién comió mi sándwich de queso?

June 5, 2018



in Spain, at least if you ask for un sandwich de queso, you will be given a sandwich made with soft square sliced bread ( the one that is sold in a square plastic bag like BIMBO ) and sliced melting cheese like HOCHLAND. but if you ask for a bocadillo de queso you will be given a sandwich made with baguette bread or similar breads and portions of authentic cured and consistent cheese like manchego. it is difficult to me explain this issue but if you type in google images sandwich de queso and bocadillo de queso you will clearly see what i am trying to explain. i do not know if this is valid in other hispanic countries. I would like to take this opportunity to ask them about how they call these concepts. pd. If BIMBO and HOCHLAND are interested in paying me for this advertising I will be glad to pass them my account number in private.


I would be surprised to get a bimbo if I asked for a sándwich de queso!


Bocadillo is wrong, why? It is sandwich in Spain.


Still not accepting 'bocadillo' 1/12/18. Why?


My mexican wife says it should be: quien se comio mi sandwich de queso


My Ecuadorian girlfriend agrees with your Mexican wife.

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