Double posts in the sentence discussions

In the last two or three days, I've noticed a lot of double posts, i.e. two identical comments posted at the same time. Looks like this might be a glitch. Here's an example:

April 26, 2014


It looks like a glitch

It would be strange if it came from different users during the last few days because it is not something that I have observed in the other language sentence discussion boards

April 26, 2014

This could be an issue with the user's wifi since it's an isolated case. The user thinks it didn't post and posts again. Have you seen this with other users, Christian?

April 26, 2014


"This is wrong fish is one"

"I'm confused. Der Hund des Jungen - n declension. But if it weren't n-declined, it would take an s? Der Hund des Manns? And then, Des Jungens Hund takes both the n and the s, but Der Hund des Jungen takes only the n? Is that the rule? Der Hund des Jungen / Des Jungens Hund Der Hund des Manns / Des Manns Hund correct?"

"Ouch that's tricky."

"I cant understand the use of #welchen"

April 27, 2014
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