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"Yo escribo un mensaje importante."

Translation:I am writing an important message.

June 5, 2018


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Yo escribo un mensaje importante = I write an important message.

Yo estoy escribiendo un mensaje importante = I am writing an important message.


Not exactly, there is not a one-to-one correspondence. English and Spanish don't use the same tenses the same way at the same times.

"Yo escribo" can be "I write" or "I do write" or "I am writing" which we use all the time and not just for something that is happening right at this moment.

"I am writing." can mean "Yo estoy escribiendo" which must be actually happening at this very moment, pen in hand, but more often it will mean "Yo escribo."




Thnku for that time u took


Does the present tense in Spanish also include the continuous form? It seems that way according to the new version of duo. Anyone?


*present continuous


Studyspanish.com (Grammar Unit One: Reg. Verbs I)


I think it's wrong because the present tense for first person write is escribiendo..


"Estoy escribiendo" is the Spanish progressive, but it is used much less than the English continuous or progressive. You would actually have to have a pen in your hand writing at this moment to use it. People need to stop trying to translate word for word and learn which expressions are used when. In English, I could say this at the coffee machine at work and go back to finish it afterwards.


You have a point there, but if you think twice, in daily activities you'd rarely use "yo escribo..." while estoy escribiendo feels natural to say.


Well, no, that is wrong. What country are you from? It is English that uses the continuous form more than the simple present and it is the opposite in most Spanish speaking countries. https://www.thoughtco.com/ways-spanish-english-verb-tenses-differ-3079929



South america here. At least what I say is what I observed so far. Again, it is just statistic, people dont usually say what they are doing when things are obvious, and I'm considering other ways of saying your plans and actions. Not that i disagree with you.


Thanks for the explanation.


How do you know if "yo escribo" is "I write" or "I am writing"? Do you just have to tell from context?


Yes, but either should be correct here.


Estoy escribiendo? Yo escribo is I write, right?


The English present continuous is much more versatile and is used more than the simple present which is reserved for habitual actions.

In Spanish, the simple present is the one that is used most and is more versatile and "Estoy escribiendo." would only be said with pen in hand actually writing at this moment.



I'm new to spanish, but I have a question about this one. How do you tell if it's present tense? I guess a literal translation would be "I write a message important", or "I write an important message". So, is the "am writing" assumed? If so, how would I say "I write an important message" or "I wrote an important message"? Thanks for the help!


"yo escribo" = "I write", "I do write" or "I am writing"

"I am writing" = "Yo escribo" or "Yo estoy escribiendo"

"I wrote" = "Yo escribí" or "Yo he escrito"



I thought "ing" English verbs translates to having "iendo/escribiendo"?


You don't need the "i", it is just "ando"/"endo", like in "ganando" (Winnig)


Why is "I write an important message" wrong?


It does not seem like a habitual action with just one message, which is how we commonly use the English simple present. “I write important messages.” It is something I do regularly. but “I am writing an important message.” is a one time thing that I am doing or will do in the near future. If the sentence was just “Escribo” , then that could be “I write” or “I am writing”.

You could say “I write an important message every day.”, but without that information that adds back the habitual tone the Present continuous is used.


shouldn't there be a "de" between the "mensaje" and the "importante"?

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For a message of importance you could say un mensaje de importancia. But not de importante.


No, it would be gramatically wrong. "De" have some meanings, acting mainly as a equivalent as "of" in english. In spanish adjetives follow the noum.


Why is it phrased this way? Please help this is always my hiccup with mastering Espanol Plz thnku


I like to listen and try to decipher before reading and that did not sound like escribo


Listen more carefully. When people speak quickly, your ears may blend it with the vowel afterwards, but I hear it as escribo.


I hear this roughly as "yo escrivo-u-mensaj-emportante" - but that's normal, because of the way everything glides together. Even when I don't actually hear all the sounds, I know they're there. It comes with a huge amount of practice.


The script is in the wrong language in all these questions


What? which language are you looking for?


TYPO TYPO TYPO in the options!!!!! the word choice was "am" NOT 'an' . given the lack of 'an' as an option i chose esta which was means 'this' rather than 'an' but 'an' was NOT an option!!!!!


Did you try scrolling down for more options? I zoom out to 80% on my computer to see all three ro2s of options. It was designed for portrait mode on the phone.


Why not I write an important message?


That should also be correct if I am in the habit of writing an important message on a regular basis.



I got a question. Does it mean that Yo escribo, means I'm writing?.. why not.. yo soy, or yo estoy escribo..


Incorrect. This is I write an important message.


Wrong, in Spanish "escribo" is used more than the simple present in English where we are more likely to put it in our present continuous form which does not necessarily mean that it is happening at this moment as the Spanish present progressive would mean. We use our English simple present for habitual actions.

"escribo" can mean "I am writing", "I write" or "I do write" when translated to English



Why is "I wrote an important message" not acceptable


(yo) escribo= "I write"

It is in present tense, not past tense.

"I wrote" = (yo) escribí

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